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Where is that

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Website that shows what happens to unwanted cats?

I found this ad on craigslist and I want to show it to this lady..

I am looking for a healthy male cat to breed with my cat. I would prefer a Siamese, Himalayan, long-haired, Blue eyes, Mostly White/light color, or possible a long-haired orange/Calico cat. My Lucy, is a medium haired tortoise-shell with green eyes with the most loving disposition. I would like to breed her with another kitty - bc she is soooooo cute and sweet. Then I plan to get her fixed. Let me know if you are interested. We could arrange a deal where you could have 1 of their kittens. Only serious inquiries. I'll send you her picture upon request.
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I don't know what the link is to the video, but I hope you find it. The reason there are so many unwanted kitties in the world is becuase of people like this.
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Um...I'm hazarding a guess that the two of you are fully zero pop. and while I understand this I am inclined to think that a responsible breeder, say one litter isn't so evil. I hope this does not make you upset with me, but not everyone is out for the dollars.

My miss Mina has had kittens, she was pregnant, a very young pregnant, when she came to me from a guy who lived across the street from me and was moving. Asked me to watch her temporarily, came back four months later...I told him she's my cat now, and he asked my roomate for a kitten...she laughed at him and told him that he abandoned the pregnant mother...what made him think we'd give him a baby?!

So I understand that there are idiots who don't take ownership of an animal seriously.
Now, the good owners of the world will find the most excellent homes for their precious babies...like I did for miss Minas kittens. They are all still thriving in carefully selected homes with family members and good friends.

I didnt see the vidio clip of unwanted cats, but I know animal crusaders who have in the past invaded animal vivisection labs to prtest them!. Scary tales, photos, etc. Peace Lorax
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Lorax - this site by its nature is very pro spay and neuter. There are many of us who work with rescue groups and see that bad side of unwanted pets. I think you'll find a collective opinion that a person who wants to breed their cat once is not a responsible breeder. A responsible breeder is one that understands the breed, is carrying on the line very selectively for the specific purpose of keeping that line's genes going. It is not someone who wants their cat to experience childbirth who hopes to have the kittens adopted.

There are thousands of homeless cats euthanized every day that compete for life with kittens from these types of owners. I don't call these owners evil, just uneducated. A kitten adopted from them will cause a homeless kitten to be euthanized in its place.

Call me an animal crusader, but I deal with the side of the crusade that tries to prevent animals from being euthanized. Every rescue worker wants to be put out of business one day.
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Lorax, I'd jsut like to toss in that I volunteer at the local animal shelter. We rarely have to euthanize for overpopulation. I was the one who chose the 4 cats to kill(thankfully it was only 4 cats) because we had 5 "I wanted just one litter" litters of kittens. We have capacity for 35 cats & had over 70 at that point.
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I just don't get why non breeders have to do that when there are SO MANY unwanted cats waiting to be adopted Just to see "cute" kittens that your cat will make? To me that is
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In the two years I have worked at a shelter I figure I have signed off 9 thousand cats alone.

Two years and 27 thousand unwanted animals later. The numbers are not decreasing. Why? Because everyone has this mindset of "what will one hurt?" No one takes personal responsibility anymore. I find that sad.

A woman the other day looked at me like I was the worst person in the world. She says "Well she got pregnant before we could get her spayed" " I didn't want to abort the kittens because we don't believe in that."

I say "Doesn't that mindset kind of defeat the purpose of bringing the kittens to a high kill shelter?"

She says "Whatever it is you guys do is on you..I don't want to think about it."

Yes..Turn away. I wish I could afford that luxery.
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