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Bit of an eye problem

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Tomas's left eye is bothering him
It's a bit red and puffy, and he's not wanting to open it at all.
No puss or sign of a scratch, the inner eyelids are only slightly red.
When I got him from the vet Thursday his eyes looked a little puffy and red, probably from the cream they use. Since then he has had a tiny amount of clear "gunk" at the corner of his eyes and he's rubbed at them a bit. Sho had the same problem when he went in for his dental cleaning (different vet) his eyes were red for a few days and really bothered him. But he's behaved enough that he let me flush them out, which seemed to help.

Could this be a reaction to the cream used when in kitties eyes when they're under anesthesia? Has anyone else's cats had any problems with it?

I'll check Tomas's eye again later to see if there's a possible souce of irration, right now he'd mad at me for bothering him.

-- The eye looks much worse now very puffy. Begining to wonder if he didn't catch something while at the vet's. If it looks this bad in the morning I'm going to call and force her to let me bring him in real quick.
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what did Thomas go in for? It shouldn't be from the ointment used, its very mild to keep the eyes from drying out. But I guess an irrirtation from the ointment is possible. I would call your vet and tell him/her about your cats eye. And also tell him/her about your other cats similar incident. Suggest the ointment and they may say that could very well be the reason. He may have gotten something in his eye while he was under or bumped it when he was coming out of sedation. Keep watching it, and bring him in if it stays the same
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Call your vet and describe it to him. He will tell you what you should do next.
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I would give the vet a call - I had the same problem with Radar recently (exact same description of how you describe Tomas's eye). It came on suddenly and with no factor we could think of that could have caused it.

When I phoned, the vet told me to take him along that day, in case it was scratched. They put dye over his eyeball which makes scratches visible, and there were none there, it was diagnosed as conjunctivitis. We had to put cream in his eye for 7 days and he was fine. The consultation, test, and treatment, were not that expensive or traumatic. It's important to get eye problems diagnosed and treated as if left untreated long enough there is a risk of losing the eye. It could also be a symptom of other health issues, so best give the vet a ring and see what they say, that's what they are there for. Hopefully it is just a touch of conjunctivitis which can be easily treated
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It was very strange, when I originally posted Tomas's eye was puffy and looked slightly irritated. Four to five hours later it looked awful, swollen with a little puss. At 3am it was fine, just slightly red around the outer eyelid.

His eye looks completely normal now, not even any slight redness.

The ointment that was used at the vet's had him rubbing his eyes for a few days and I wonder now if he didn't rub something in it. I was cleaning and he did jump up on the table and counter when I wasn't in the room.
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