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TGIF!!! I'm so glad this week is almost over. Like yesterday, my supervisor is being a real witch today, again. I sure hope she gets in a better mood over the weekend. What's funny, though, is that someone send her an email as a joke for a dating service. Maybe I'm not the only one who thinks she needs to lighten up. :laughing: She's usually pretty nice, and is generally not like this at all. I guess that's why it so irritating when she is.

I'm all excited now because Ophelia is the latest in the Caption This! forum. She's gonna be famous! It doesn't take much to get me going, can you tell? She was such a cute little kitten, I'm happy to share her with the internet world. Did anyone else get that proud mommy feeling when their baby was posted on Caption This? I feel like I just saw my child in their first school play or something. Silly, I know.
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I agree with the proad momma feeling - 2 of my pics featuring 3 of my cats have been on. I point it out to people at work.

Heidi - I am sorry you are having such a rough time with your boss right now. I have had bad experiences with supervisor so I can empathize with you.

I am doing reception again. At least I can bring my own work up here to do - I have actually gotten more work done while up at reception then I would at my desk

Ghys - are you feeling better?

Anyone have plans for the weekend? I have a wedding tomorrow and on Sunday my aunts birthday. I am going to get my hair done for the wedding as I am in desperate need of a cut. I will also probably get them to put it up as well. I hope everyone has a great day and a fantastic weekend. It should be wild in Toronto tonight as we are getting the tailend of Hurrican Lili. They say we will have torrential downpours and 90 mph wind. Fun!
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I felt like that too, when merlin was in caption this.

Going grocery shopping this afternoon, and to buy a birthday present for a friend, then out to supper (Chinese ) with my brother and his wife.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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I haven't had much time lately to post... I shouldn't be here now, but I'm mad at my S/O who is also my boss, so this is my little tiny piece of revenge!

Heidi, some weekend in the next month or two I'm going to be in Denver to do some shopping, I'd love to meet up with you for lunch or something! We can complain to each other about our bosses!

No plans for this weekend, as we were gone last weekend. We were given tickets and garage passes for the NASCAR race in Kansas City! How fun that was! Idiot me forgot to take pictures, too! By the time I remembered I had my camera with me I was only able to catch up with Jimmie Johnson... but at least he's one of my favorite drivers!

I hope everyone has a good day! I'm hoping to get in here a little more this weekend!
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Jin I would love to meet up with you for lunch or something! Just let me know when you will be here, and we will set something up.

You lucky dog - er - cat, going to KC with pit passes! Now I'm really jealous! One of these days, we'll actually get to go to a real race...
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I took Ivo to the vets today, for her yearly exam. She's healthy and has actually lost a little weight (and she has a relatively short tail according to the vet). She wasn't too happy, though, because when I put her in her carrier to go home, she peed and pooped. We cleaned her up as best we could, and I scrubbed out the carrier when I got home. Now, she's sleeping on the couch but keeping one eye open for the evi carrier.

I have no plans for this weekend, which is nice. I'm still fighting this ick, and we are supposed to get the remains of Hurricaine Lili tomorrow. Sounds like a good excuse to stay at home and spend the day on TCS!

Have a good day, everyone!
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Christy - isn't just being awake an excuse to be on TCS! :tounge2: Maybe you'll curl up with the Lord of the Rings and get better.

How's everyone else doing? Haven't heard from Ghyslaine or Daniela or Lizza....

Hope EVERYONE is feeling better. IT's ALMOST THE WEEKEND!

...and Heidi, I was proud when Sheldon was up in the Caption This! forum. It was the day we went in to the office (Tuesday), so I got to show everyone at work! I think I was just a little bit prouder, though, when I won the caption contest.

I'm scooting over to caption this! right now.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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We're getting the remains of the hurricane today. Lots of gusty wind and rain, but the rain is not as bad as that from the other hurricane just a couple of weeks ago.

I've been reading journal entries from my freshman orientation class and am about to fall asleep at my desk. Later, I'll sneak out early to go to happy hour with a friend and then I'm going out to dinner with hubby tonight.

We'll spend the entire weekend painting the new windows we had installed over the summer. We've been painting every weekend for more than a month, but still have 10 more windows to go. Sigh!
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Boy, I haven't done this lately. I hit my head (on my left temple)here at work the end of the day yesterday. It was pretty bad, it swelled up (about the shape of a nickel) for a couple of hours. I didn't get a headache but my head felt funny. Today, it's very tender to the touch and when I make big facial expressions. I had a headache and took some excedrine at lunch but the headache is starting to come back. It's still a little red; I hit it on the very tip of the corner of a desk. Enough of my complaining

Work has been so busy this week, I've not been able to send any e-mails and have barely been able to check them. I can't believe they actually thing I'm supposed to work around here

I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and wish you all a very nice weekend
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I'm popping in really quick before I leave work.

Today has been dark and rainy-we got hit with the remains of Hurricane Lili. The rain has stopped now and the is actually shining.

I too felt like a proud mommy when my kitty's pic was in the caption this forum.

Well, I'm off now and heading home to clean my house and get some laundry done since I'm going to be out all day tomorrow.

:flower: Have a good weekend everyone! :flower:
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Here I is!!!!(like my 4 year old so eloquently proclaims all the time!)

I am feeling much better. Thank you for asking!!

I have slept through the night for the past 2 nights. Problem now is that all I want to so is sleep! Guess it's catch up time.

My pneumonia is clearing up, which is a really good thing. The downside to this is that being around me is not a pleasant thing right now. Everything seems to have loosened up. I still cough just as much but instead of a scratchy cough (happens at bedtime only), I sound awful . A co-worker came into my office while I was having a coughing fit and said "Ah, much better. Sounds like it's all coming out". Talk about an embarrasing moment. Oh well....

How was the Chinese supper Debby?

Heidi, I felt like a really proud mommy. Couldn't wait to see what Caption everyone had chosen for Whiskers. Actually....I'm still a proud mommy!!!

Christy, sending feel good vibes to you. Being sick is just no fun at all.

Nothing planned for the week-end. We're supposed to put down the new floor in our bedroom. I'm thinking: sleeping the week-end away would be a huge treat!!! Only fair, last week-end, I didn't get any shut-eye.

Have a great week-end everyone!!!
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Sleep! Sleep, Ghyslaine! Mommy deserves some rest!!!! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Only had to work 7 hrs., today. What a day, though - no asst. manager: had to put up with the store manager all day and HE was in a mood! He acts like its a big surprise that I need a break and a lunch; like this doesn't happen EVERY day!

Trying to get in touch with my parents. They were out, when I called. I told my nephew to have them call me, when they get home.

Bill's cooking, tonight: steak on the grill. SUCH a lovely man!

I came close to committing felicide, last night. I put my watch and engagement ring on the dresser, when I take a shower. After my shower, I picked up my watch but, no ring! Frantically, looking everywhere and realize that Rowdy has indulged her felonious tendencies. I checked all of her usual hidey-holes - no ring! At this point, I'm ranting and crying. Got out to the kitchen and, lying on the floor in front of the food bowl, there's my ring. From now on, it goes into a trinket box. Snatching some of my costume jewelry is one thing but, my engegement ring is a whole 'nother matter!
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Laurie and Ghyslaine,

Thanks for the get well wishes. Although Gys, I have to say a cold is nothing compared to pneumonia.

Laurie, I'd love to curl up with Lord of the Rings this weekend, but I lent it to a friend . I'll just have to rely on Harry Potter (even tho I know you didn't like the movie :tounge2: ).

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Oh, but I'm addicted to the books! I've read the Harry Potter series 4 or 5 times already!! ...and get your Lord of the Rings back - it's FABULOUS! I've read it a gazillion times.

My mom always used to read to me as a kid. Somehow we kept up the tradition even as I grew older (although not as frequently - it could take a LONG time to finish a book!). She read me the first book of the Lord of the Ring series back in the 70s, and I've been an addict since.
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Oh katl8e, I can relate to you. All my jewellery and prized teddy bears stay out of Russell's reach. I take off my necklace and dolphin pendant when I have a shower and leave it next to the bathroom sink and one night it went missing. I went looking for Russell and found him on top a suitcase with my necklace in his mouth. I could have killed him except that I panicked about him swallowing it and hurting himself. ^_^

And one evening after some volunteer work at a high school I found my teddy bears strewn all over the bedroom even though he had several toys to call his own. I wasn't impressed that night at all.

For everyone coping with the tailend of Hurricane Lili, take care. I live in a cyclone, (Aussies call Hurricane cyclones), prone area and I'm aware of the dangers and rain. I've only ever seen the tailend and never been through one but you still have to be careful all the same.

sfell...try a cold compress on your head....and do nothing on the weekend! Leave it to your kitty.

Heidi....perhaps it's that time of the month for your supervisor...? Well whatever it is...it has to improve next week.

On that note....have a good weekend everyone. Heehee....it's already Saturday in Australia. :tounge2:
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