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Our daily thread for Sunday April 22th

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oh the weekend is almost over! sigh. oh well. I hope you all had a relaxing and productive (i do think it's possible to have both) weekend. I bought a new car so I'm glad to have that out of the way, as I had to bum rides all last week. I got a GMC 2door Jimmy. It's black. not my first choice but that was the only one they had and I wasn't going to let color change my mind. and i have to admit, the color is growing on me.

now i have all the cleaning to do that i put off all weekend! at least 5 loads of laudry, and i have to clean the bathroom that i keep the cats in (they are still quite scared so the vet told me to keep them contained while i'm not here, so they won't be overwhelmed. i get them out everynight & all day on the weekends and play with them. the are coming out of their shell bit by bit but we still have a long way to go) because it is GROSS. they knock their poop everywhere and manage to get kitty litter in every corner of the room. it's a chore. and the kitchen is a mess, but at least i got the trip to the grocery store out of the way yesterday.

hope everyone enjoys thier sunday!
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Oh yes, Sunday meaning the weekend is almost over. I too have some stuff I want to get done. The weather seems to be nice today, so I think I am going to play outside. My car needs a good washing and one of the flowerbeds needs some weeding. My hastas are coming in and I want to make way for them. Yesterday a very nice couple drove in from Mass and took home my kitten. They were very nice and she went to a very good home. So today, I am still thrilled that my kitten got a wonderful home. I just hope the temperature keeps climbing today!!
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I can't believe it! I just deleted the whole text in this post by mistake! I guess you're lucky as I am too lazy to type the whole message again. The gist of it was that I won't be available on my regular email and won't be able to update the site until Tuesday (at least) as I have no access to my regular computer (they're re-doing the stairs to my home office which is located on my parents-in-law's second floor - it's the house next door).

There - have a great week everyone!
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I just thought I'd add a link to this post in cat SOS:

Check it out and see if you can help out.
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AP: Congrats on the new car! I love black cars. They look beautiful when all cleaned and waxed. Now the trick is keeping them that way.

I'm in the midst of my last ever schlepping down to the laundry room! On Friday, I close on the house. Then I can schlep my laundry up there until I officially move in. (Well, at least I can paint or something while it's washing).

I am back to my studying for my final exam this coming Saturday. The course reading are on the internet, so it's just too tempting not to check my email and jump on over to the catsite for a break!

Have a good one, everybody!
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I bet you can't wait to move into the house, Deb. Congratulations. An alpha cat and a new house, all within a week!!
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Congrats on your new car AP. There's nothing like the smell of a new car. How are ya feeling? You didn't get hurt in the accident did you? I hope not. I took tomorrow off just so I could clean and spend some time driving!

I really wish I could help Puglet2 out. I'm flying to Michigan in July for my nephew's wedding. If only I had the room. Unfortunately, I never know when to say no. This time I have to. I wish her luck. I wonder if she has any friends in the area or a relative or something that might be able to take them. It's a shame given their age that they can't fly. I don't think they'd live through it.

Oh well.
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