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Using a Humane Trap - HELP!!!

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Ok, now that the kids are taken care of I am going to the shelter tomorrow to see if I can borrow a humane trap. We want to trap/spay and release moma cat back into my parents back yard. They will take care of her for as long as she lets them. Any advise ? We have never done this and any suggestions would be of great help!!!
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Hi Helen! How exciting. The kitties are done weaning altogether now? Did you ever take any of them to the no-kill shelter? Any word on whether there have been any adoptions? So many questions!

BTW, you and family are angels for helping!

I'm so glad you're going to spay momma now. Just one question - if I recall correctly, your mom's backyard is where they've been living, right? Because I have lots of experience trapping, but no experience relocating. But I'm pretty sure she adopted your mom. The red tabby kitties, right?

Well - as to the trapping. Someone else wrote in very recently with a question about trapping, so I pulled all the information in the feral forum on trapping together into one thread. It is a pretty useful resource, so the moderators decided to make it a "sticky" up at the top of the feral forum. It is pretty comprehensive and should be very helpful. Here is a link to it:


PLEASE keep us posted! And I'd love news on the kitties.

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Yup it the orange tabby kittens!!!!

I posted in the Lounge - look for a thread called:

"Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a feel good day! "

The reader digest version is. They are abt. 4 months old and are at the Vets since yesterday getting the works :0)))), then on to a FOSTER HOME and hopefully to a great forever home!

Thanks for the thread - I'll print it for reading on the train ride home from work.
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The group that will be fostering is called:
Cause4Paws. The are out of Westfield NJ.
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I must have missed the thread in the Lounge - I'll go check it out. What great news! Glad I got to you before you left work - I think you'll find help you need with the trapping in that thread.

Good Luck!

And keep us posted - it can be tricky, and it can definitely take a few days (if not more. We have one kitten we'd tried to trap for several months. That's when Gary used a stick attached to string and just waited it out!)

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A lady I got to know while looking for foster homes will call me also about trapping. She claims she has a less traumatic way!! Let's see what she has to say - they more options they better. As for patience my parents have tons when it comes to animals, cat in particular. We are determined!!!

....and for your hubby he must e a great guy you are very lucky!
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Helen: if the lady fostering has a less traumatic way, PLEASE post the method or tricks in the "Trapping Cats and Kittens" thread. All helpful hints and methods appreciated - especially by the kitties!

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