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I love when they sit!

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Coal (aka Monster) loves to sit and I think it's funny seeing cats do this! He usually uses the wall or something as support and I think it's even funnier seeing other cats that can sit right in the middle of a room!

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Mine do that all the time! How cute!
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That's so cute!
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Aw mine dont do that but Zoey always lays flat on her back spread eagle
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How :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: hilarious!!!

Hes a beauty btw.
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thats just too cute
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Haha Buddy does that, usually on a chair, pretending he's a person I think it's adorable!
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That is so cute Coal is gorgeous
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that is so funny, we call it the Budda Pose
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Oh bless em, I love it when they do this - it is what's known in our house as 'doing people sitting!'

Max was a master at it from an early age!!(believe it or not, he was actually asleep here!!!)

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How adorable is Max!!! I love that picture and so funny that he is sleeping like that.

As for Coal, well, he's simply the most gorgeous kitty around after my RB girl Alley.

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Awww, thanks for the replies. We call it the "Monsta Puddle" when he does that 'cuz he just spreads out all over like a puddle!

PaulaS~ Alley looks like she was a very special girl and quite beautiful!

4BadCats~ Max is too cute sleeping in that position!
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Francine will sit like that, it always cracks me up!
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