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Ooops...me and my big mouth

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Right before I logged on here, I had one of the sales guy in my office. He was talking about an old employee and he said that this old employee left him in a bad position.

Well before said employee left, he for some reason confided in me that after a year he was going to make a few phone calls back here and try and regroup people for his team.

Ummm...well come to find out that's not what the sales guy was talking about and I thought it was

So now I've just opened my big mouth and started some office gossip as this guy is one that will spread the rumors.

Oh well...I'll deny everything and make the sales guy look bad
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Don't you just HATE when that happens. We misunderstand something and respond and then go DOHHHHHH
I hear ya there.
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Was it a boring day at the office and you thought to shake things up?
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It was more a misunderstanding. I knew the sales guy isn't 100% happy here (although the more I get to know he's one of those people who never seem happy) and when he said "awkward position..." I thought he had just been asked to join the old employee's office. He would be in an awkward position because the owner of the company is a leader in the industry we're in...so if this was true...then yes, he would be in an awkward position.

Anyhoo...turns out that it was a big screw up on the employee that left this guy feeling awkward. Apparently the customer did decent size business with us.
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Ugh! I know how you feel...used to happen at the law firm where I once worked...these days, I'm glad I stay at home! I prefer to just listen rather than open my mouth most times!

Hilda >^..^<
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OMG! This happened to me right before Christmas! I misheard what someone was saying at our holiday party, confided in a trusted co-worker who I thought would keep it to herself, then had the Friday off. The next Monday, the whole place was in an uproar! I learned my lesson about gossip in the office!

I feel for you!
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well, I usually do not participate in office gossip. If the rumur mill is flowing Iwill listen, as scuttlebutt is usually correct. But I do not listen to rumur. And hopefully I do not start any rumurs myself.
Hope things get better for you at work, and if nothing else, have fun with it, and have a few laughs at how the rumur will get twisted around.
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Oh well, we all do that sometimes
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