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Hi everyone its raining here. I watched a creepy movie last night and woke up screaming at 5 am and then at 9 I feel asleep and slept till about 1:30 not sure why I feel asleep though. I watched Dark Water knowning I would scare myself and it was sooo creepy. And the only protection I had was my girls. But I will say it was a good movie it wasn't a slasher movie it was just a good suspense one. I want to watch Thirteen Ghosts but I don't know if its a good suspense movie or a slasher movie. I hate slasher movies. Tavia is in a very vocal mood I was gone most of the weekend spending time with my sister and she wasn't very happy about that. I guess in her opionion she thought I should stay at home a bit. Lilly has been extra clingy but I think its cause she doesn't like the cold. She spends most of her time either on a heater vent or under my covers or curled up with Tavia and Macy. Fixing to go bake a red velvet cake. Does anyone want to help me. Well hope you all have a lovely day. Love and Hugs Gail. and purs from Tavia