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Question on senior food

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I was wondering if anyone has advice on cats for seniors? Is it important to give only senior foods to senior cats? I'm thinking of either Chicken soup for senior or Premium Edge for seniors. Please if you have any advice I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
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A lot of "senior" formulas tend to lower the protein and fat, and because of that, increase the carbs and fillers. I personally don't like this approach for felines of any age.

When I was feeding processed food, my senior was getting an "all life stage" food, with high quality ingredients (protein especially, as high quality protein is easiest on the kidneys and less likely to lead to kidney problems). She got fed according to her weight and activity level (neither of which is very much).
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how old is the cat ??
what food is being eaten now??
Any medical issues??
does the cat eat wet food??

I totally agree with senior drys as the lower protein lowers the "risk" for some older cat issues ....
The two you choose are good on the % protein and fat but very very starchy

With high quality wet I would not be as strict to a senior only as Vanilla mentioned high quality protein seems to be digest better but that is not the case for ANY of the dry foods since the highest quality ones are still LACKING the moisture needed for digestion....

My 18 yr old with crf eats canned( dog and cat) homemade (cooked) and raw .... she olny gets dry as treats... My vet agrees with this and actually will tell senior cat owners to TRY to get off dry about age 10
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Ya I forgot to mention that it was canned food I was feeding, not kibble. That does make a big difference.
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Originally Posted by vanillasugar View Post
Ya I forgot to mention that it was canned food I was feeding, not kibble. That does make a big difference.
My miss Mina aka billkitty) is eighteen years old and is unable to stomach most cat food except for those containing brewers rice. The most mild of the foods appear to be (through trial and error, ievomit, runs, etc.) a lamb and rice combor or a chicken/ rice combo. Dogfood works just as well in the lamb and riceformula... the key for ehr foods appears to be the brewers rice, moist, and a bit of high quality dry, also containg brewers rice.

Also homecooked chicken and stewed greens combo seems to be fine. She is healthy and the vet approves our feeding regimen. Try it! Lorax and the divine Miss M.
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Blackie is about 10 years old, I just recently switched her to Nutro senior, she would eat it but doesn't love it. I know that's not the best one, so I thought of switching her to perhaps another brand of senior food. I also give her a variety of canned as well, such as Nutro, and Natural Balance, and occasional Meow Mix select and Friskies. Her health is ok, except she hasn't been very active the past 6 months.

I don't know if I am ready to do raw diet for her yet, I am just starting to wean her from the supermarket brands If there are any recommendations on which food (brand and whether adult or senior formula) for a senior please let me know! Thank you for everyone's advise!
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try to wean her off dry totally.... which nutro natural choice or max?? if natural choice she may like the more tasty max... Royal canin makes good senior foods
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