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I took the quiz on Animal Planet, as suggested in a thread I found in a search, and got 20 results for cats that would suit my likes and lifestyle. Out of the top 20, the Snowshoe was the one I found to have the most appealing qualities to me and I couldn't help but find the colouring on them to be beautiful! I did a Google search, in the image section, for "snowshoe cat" to find more pictures (because sometimes I like the stock photo of a cat, but in general I am not attracted to the breed) and I couldn't help but say "awww" at every single one. And I had never even heard of this breed prior to the quiz.

So, out of curiousity, does anyone breed these? And if so, what do you have to say from personal experience about them? I don't think I can fit a fourth cat into my life right now, but if I could I definitely think this would be it.

I've never owned a purebred cat before. How much does this breed normally cost? I tried to do a search of nearby breeders (I live in Iowa), but didn't find more than one site... So I know shipping would be outrageous.
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Okay, kinda thread highjacking here , but do you have a link to the quiz? I'd like to take it (I've never had a purebred cat of my own, either )
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Not a lot of snowshoe breeders. The problem is that the breed standard is so precise on how the markings are to be for show, there are few show cats available. Its a hard breed to work with in that regard, but they are wonderful pets.

I would imagine the price would be about the same for most purebred pets of less common breeds - around $600. But you could contact breeders and either get on a waiting list for a pet kitten or see if they have any retired snowshoe cats available when you want to get one.

I live in MN - we drove 6 hrs to Omaha to pick up Charlie - our ocicat. The other breeders around the country I contacted wanted $200 or so for shipping. I've bought cats and shipped my own airline carrier (which is NOT the under seat kind - its the heavier cargo carrier) to the breeder by UPS and the shipping was not as much.
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The Snowshoe is my dream cat and I can say from experience of looking on the internet there are very few breeders. A couple of catteries came up on a search but when I went to the website all they had was Siamese. I only found two breeders, one in California and one in the South I forget now where it was and I live in Ohio.
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Your lucky ... I forget what town but there is a Snowshoe breeder in Iowa( at least there was a 4-8 yrs ago.... she had been breeding for yrs( around the start of the breed)... I had a wonderful snowshoe awesome cats ..Last I checked pet snows ran 350-650

this is one in Iowa ... not the one I am thinking about but

there is a snowshoe breeder in Ohio
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Thanks for all the help!

And here's the link to that quiz...
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Is that a true breed, I thought it was a mix? Maybe not. I believe my cat is a snowshoe but my two cats came from BYB's (sorry I'm new and don't know if you use that term, I'm used to dog forums so that's where I got that term, it means back yard breeder) before i knew any better. The parents are both blue point traditional Siamese cats and my first cat from this breeder looks like that but our second one has the white feet and white under the chin, sorry my pics don't really show off his coloring I'll take better ones later:

I love the Siamese breed, I prefer Traditional simply because of looks. They are vocal and DEMAND attention. My little snowshoe is a shoulder cat and I have claw marks all over my back, shoulder and chest from him when he leaps and does not quite reach my shoulder entirely. Still he is the greatest little kitty, and of course so is his brother. But this little one comes right out and greets all our guests he just loves people. He is not quite as vocal as his big brother though.
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Snows arent ususally as vocal as siamese .... yours looks like an attempt at a snow ... see the links .... snows are a breed orginally a am short hair crossed with a siamese
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He is gorgeous!
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I have a Snowshoe or Snowshoe mix. Shes vocal and shes very curious. Very wild and a bit high strung, but knowing her past, I understand her completely
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Originally Posted by MsKtty89 View Post
Thanks for all the help!

And here's the link to that quiz...
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