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Fish Aquarium?

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I'm thinking about getting the cats their own "live" entertainment - FISH!

We have a bookshelf that I have to measure to double check, but I'm pretty sure it'll fit a small aquarium. There is a shelf above it so that the cats won't help themselves to their own wet food.

Anyone else have one? Do their cats enjoy it?
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We have two....and Madden pays absolutely no attention to either!!
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My cat sibohan love the fish bowl. I have it on a credenza in the living room with a Batta in it she loves watching him all day long. She even drinks the water out of the top of the bowl but does not have enough guts to put her paw in to get him.
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Our cats watch ours periodically, but not alot. Make sure that the shelf you are considering can hold alot of weight- even a small 2 gallon aquarium will weigh at least 20 lbs .
If you've had one before, I assume you know that they can be alot of work, and everything from the kind of fish you have to the filtration system you get will affect that. If you haven't had one before, I would suggest going to a pet store and asking for a book recommendation and read before you invest in one and the fish. A Betta in a 1 gallon bowl (with a top, not just for the cats to stay out, but for the fish to stay in- Bettas are great jumpers ) is probably good if you just want it to entertain the cats . We just got my daughter one- a cylindrical plastic pink bowl with a grid top (and a small female Betta. Her reward for being potty trained ) You can get them (in other colors, too ) at pretty much any chain pet store.

That said- I love my aquarium! I can't wait until I have the time to invest in getting goldfish again! Right now we just have easy keeper Tetras...
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As has been stated they are alot of work and even when you think you've got it all under control and running properly (which can take a while), one of your fish goes and gets ICK or something and it can be quite a while before you get things back to normal. My sis has a big tank and several smaller tanks that she keeps in case one of her fishies get ill...she has a place to quarantine them. I never had that problem when I had ours set up but it does happen. I think a betta tank with a cover is a great idea! Bettas are sooooo beautiful and should keep kitty entertained. I remember when Elora was just a babything, she'd climb up on Naomi's tank, not to mess with the fish, but to drink water. Silly baby.

Hilda >^..^<
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I have an 80 gallon (freshwater), 10 gallon i set up as my mom's birthday present this year (freshwater) and a betta (i used to have quite a few bettas.) Tonight i am planning on getting a different tank and moving my betta, Mr. Magoo into Colin's house / I REALLY want to get a nice salt water tank after we're married to put in the living room. If you need any help let me know!!!!! I'll try to help you if i know the topic!
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I had a fish tank in college, since that was the only thing allowed in the dorms. It was kind of cool.

At first I got the $5 tank that had the missing lid so I would come back from class with fish on the floor (they would get caught up in the air bubbles and pop out the top ).

Then I upgraded to a full aquarium, I think it was a 5 or 10 gallon on. I had those fish for 2 years before they all died. Then I gave the aquarium pieces to a friend with fish in it for their birthday.

I figured it would help me out as the plant that I keep forgetting to water would be right above it. So if I forget to feed the fish, then I forget the water the plant (and vice versa).
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Spooky loves the aquarium. She is saddend that the fish are no longer around to entertain her.

No, she didn't eat them. They just got old.
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Stanley and Sadie never really had any interest in the fish tank. Well Stanley I caught drinking out of the tank quite a bit because it was by a ledge... that was pretty funny to see. Although I would shoo him away whenever I saw it happening. He never harmed the fish though. So I definitely suggest a top to the tank.

They can be a lot more work than you think... at least that was the case for me. My bf at the time wanted one and I thought it would be fun. Little did I know it takes a lot of effort to clean them!

The whole plant idea sounds like a pretty good idea. Although I wouldn't get the fish just for your cats. I hope you want them as well.
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Mooch looooooves the fish tank! She's very good too. She never tries to open the lid. She used to mess with the filter and drink the water from the filter, but not in a long time. I just had to duck tape the filter to the back of the tank. (I'm pretty sure I got that suggestion on here!) Mooch's favorite is my big algae eater....he's too big for my tank but I don't know what to do with the poor guy!
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I have a 45 gallon aquarium in my family room. Bean LOVES it. He's always sitting beside it, batting at the fish. He's determined that one day he will make it through the glass and get those pesky fish.
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We don't have one but I am sure that Kitters would surely love it!!!
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after i moved it down to kitty level they went nuts. But now, only eazy even waste time looking at it.
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We have a big fish tank- and the boys love looking at it, and pawing at the fish
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