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I'm famous!!! :)

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I just tried this and it works every time!
Type your screen name into your web address line and hit search, it should bring up the webites you have registered at!! (Seems to work especially well if you have MSN) I did it with mine, and the first and second ones they found were the dog site I recently started going to, and TCS!! Ahhh FAME AT LAST!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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My username doesn't seem to work so well - too common I guess. The catsite rego came up in the top ten though!

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But TCS still came up!!! See - you are KNOWN to be a TCS addict!!
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Yep - there's no denying it, I'm a catsite addict!!!
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Hey Bod-

Try this.....Go to the search engine and put your normal name into quotes and do a search. Watch what comes up....
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Pants!! I tried that Hissy, but all it said was "No results were found"?!?!!? Guess my name is just too weird..... :laughing:
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Just tried it....BodLover's and Hissy's versions....and got a surprise.
With my user name...not so surprisingly...The cat site came up....^_^
and my real name.....I'm on websites, picture and all and there's a copy of an email I wrote in 1998 to a Rotary Club on their site.
And when I put in my old user names.....
Too famous...
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TCS came up #1 for me There are a ton of others, I guess a lot of other people use sfell?
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Well I did't find anything with my user name but the 1st thing I got when I used my real name was about the ultimate Copenhagen Flying Circus

I guess I better start flying on my trapeze

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