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Wheat Gluten Allergy

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Shadow has been a very sick girl over the years with constant diahrea. I've tried all the prescriptions for food allergies including hills z/d, sceince diet senstive stomach, venison and green pea (she didn't like), and Iams.

Then it struck me that one of my co-workers was allergic to wheat gluten. So I checked the cat food. Yes, it was there even in most wet food.

So now the whole house of kitties are gluten free and her stool after a month is now firm. I hope I have found the solution.

Does anyone else have a cat allergic to gluten? Do you have a list of gluten free foods?

Right now I am feeding Holistic Select Chicken and Rice. It has no by products or gluten. My other cat refuses to eat dry so I am feeding Friskies Special Diet - only the flavors without Gluten just in case Shadow finds his plate and eats some wet food.

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Natural choice
many Royal canins
Natural balence ( venison and pea only)
( if you have a wheat allergy avoid barley and rye /// some evan oatmeal)

Felidea chicken and rice
sensible choice
raw instict
those are off the top of my head for dry...
avoid pouches in wet but most others in the high premiums are fine( friskies is a low low leval food
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Thanks Sharky you have helped me in the past. My cats didn't like the venison and green pea but I will try the other flavors you listed. I would like to get away from the friskies. It's mainly for my other cat, the Maine Coon because he will only eat the dry if he's starving. Shadow loves dry food but eats the gravy of the wet so I have to be consistant with all of my cats and eliminate wheat for all of them.

Thanks Again,

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do they like fish>>>???

if so and no uti issues look at meow mix pouches( only ones I know okay ) or tubs ...
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Yes they love fish I will give that a try! They love the pouches much more than cans anyway.
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