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spraying standing in litter box

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I have three cats (two female - one male) and moved to a new home in December - I did plug in some feliway diffusers before we moved in and everything was fine until about a week or so ago - I wondered who was peeing outside the litter box until I caught the one female - she had just done alot of scatching which she likes to do so when I looked there she was standing in the litter box spraying out of it - has happened many times - I keep the litter boxes very clean - I think it odd that she is in the litter box when spraying - as far as I can tell she is not doing it anywhere else - the litter boxes are in the basement - I also replaced the refills in the diffusers - they did seem to make the move for the cats go smoother than I would have thought - anyone have any thoughts on this
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If they are only doing it in the litterbox, you could get a covered litterbox to stop them from spraying outside of it.
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An even cheaper alternative would be to get a large rubbermaid bin with a lid. (just got an 18 gallon one at target for 3.99!)

Cut a hole in the lid and place it on the tub. This way, she can spray to her heart's content and all it will hit is the walls of the tub.

I've also heard that hanging a sheet of tinfoil in the area that is most commonly sprayed can help. The spray hits the tinfoil and makes a loud sound while also (maybe) bouncing some of the spray back onto the cat. Both of which are unpleasant. Don't know if it would stop the spraying or just encourage her to start spraying in a new area.

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Changes in behavior can signal a physical problem. More specifically, inappropriate peeing can be caused by a urinary tract infection. Please take your girl to the vet. If she does have a UTI, she is probably in considerable pain.

Let us know what the vet says!
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