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Hi everyone, newbie here!!

I'm Chris and i'm from Blackpool in England.Will fill you in on my story.....

I answered an advert from a lady that said she couldn't cope with her cats anymore(she had 10!).
Anyway we took Fudge, an 8 month Tabby with gorgeous big brown eyes, who the lady told us was vaccinated,flea and worm treated and spayed.
Well when we collected her and brought her home, she was in a terrible state, VERY underweight, riddled with fleas and worms and terrified of everyone.
If you walked towards her, she fled because she thought she would get kicked,if you tried to stroke her she cowered or ran for cover,expecting to be hit.....it was terrible! After an awful lot of work to regain her trust and get her fit and healthy, she is now adored by all(i have 4 sons aged 3,6,9 and 12) and the hubby of course, and she absolutely adores us too .
Anyway, to cut a long story short our spayed Fudge, has turned out to be not so spayed Fudge!!
Took her for her regular check up on feb 3rd, and it turns out she's expecting!! we just thought she was putting weight on still as she now eats like a horse!!
The vet was a bit reluctant to do a spay/abort as she only had about 2 weeks left so she is booked in for 5 weeks time.
So hence the reason i'm here......have been doing as much research as i can and found this fab site, where everyone seems so helpful and friendly.
I have read ALL the posts and must say i hope i dont end up with a skittles/kali saga as i'll probably have a nervous breakdown

Look forward to advice and friendship xx
(i should add Fudge is now 14 months old -not 8!!)
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Welcome to TCS, Chris!! We are glad you found us here! The group here on the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care forum is truly among the best ... helpful and informative! We look forward to getting to know you and your little Fudge and of course, the coming kittens.

If you haven't already read this thread you might want to take a moment to read it now. It has all sorts of good information on what to expect and how to deal with it for a pregnant cat. Also, you might want to be giving Fudge a good, high-quality kitten food in both canned and dry varieties to help her put on the resources she will need to take care of her little family when they come.

Since she is expecting here now very shortly, get together her kitten nesting box or crate and make sure she is comfortable going in and out of that. Place it in a warm spot free from drafts and out of the normal traffic patterns of your home - someplace dark, warm and quiet is best. I like and use an extra-large dog crate for my girl and it is a real lifesaver when it comes to being able to contain the kittens should you need to for short bursts.

Don't hesitate to let us know how we can help and if you have any questions. That's what we are here to do!

Again, welcome.
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and a warm welcome from a fellow Brit now loving in Spain ! My family always had a family get together in Blackpool every year (in the mid 80s) it was great and I was really hoping that Blackpool would win the bid for the Super Casino never mind, did they get any casino licences ?

Anyway its great to have you here and of course Fudge, she sounds such a sweetie bless her, it must have been heartbreaking to see her in the state when you 1st got her - Anyway - cant wait to see some photos of her as you might have gathered we just love photos here
Well you´ve definately come to the right place there lots of information which Gaye has already listed

Enjoy the forums and do keep us updated on Fudges progress
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Thanks very much for the welcome!
I have Fudge on dry and canned kitten food already, although she seems to be eating mainly the dry biscuits and not much of the meat, is this a problem?
she drinks plenty of water from her bowl, and at night while brushing my teeth i quite often have to wait for her to get out of the sink before i can turn the tap off and go to bed!!
I dont have a dog crate, although i have just asked a frind if i can loan hers. i do have a few large boxes around the place with paper and towels in ready. she has been climbing in my sons Thomas the tank engine box quite often though(when thomas is not in it!!).
I have kept her in for the last 2 weeks, which she is NOT happy about! she has even been trying the door handles(!) so we have had to bolt all doors, just incase!
Overall she is quite content, at the moment she is sprawled over the settee fast asleep! And the rate she grows each day is amazing! she lets me tickle her tummy and i can see and feel her kittens wriggling around,which is lovely.
Have read all the thread you gave me, and am sure i'll keep referring back often in the coming weeks!
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Thanks mooficat !! think i'm gonna need lots of chats and advice this week!!
I THINK(?) she is due anytime between wednesday and sunday so am well prepared.

As for the Casino thingy...no we didnt get any of them...although the final decision ha yet to be made it still looks unlikely!
And as for pics....i'll see what i can do!
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Bless your heart for adopting your little one despite her previous owner's deceptions... and for working so hard to give her a happy, healthy life. Since everything else the owner told you turned out to be false, I don't imagine Fudge has actually had her vaccinations, either -- will the vet take care of that after the babies come?

You're doing such a wonderful job for Fudge. What a lucky girl she is, to have found a home with you!
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Originally Posted by fudge's mum View Post
Thanks mooficat !! think i'm gonna need lots of chats and advice this week!!
I THINK(?) she is due anytime between wednesday and sunday so am well prepared.

As for the Casino thingy...no we didnt get any of them...although the final decision ha yet to be made it still looks unlikely!
And as for pics....i'll see what i can do!
Just make sure that Fudge stays strictly indoors between now and when she is spayed as cats can and do become pregnant within days of giving birth..so no more outside adventures.

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Welcome to the Cat Site!!!

Poor Fudge, sounds like she had a rough start, wonderful that she has a loving home with you!

One thing I always advise is a small kitchen scale to weigh the kittens every day (at least for the first week or two). It needs to measure grams/ounces. Mainly because one of the best ways to tell if they are thriving (or not) is if they are gaining weight. It's just so hard to tell if one is not getting enough milk by looking at them...and sometimes it's too late when they are visibly looking ill. Not that you can prevent everything, but you can at least have a heads-up if there is a problem. They should never lose weight from one day to the next. Always gaining.

Just one tip, I am sure you will get tons of great advice here (on this thread and all of the others)...and I agree that we love pictures, so if you have a chance.... Good luck with the impending birth, I will be looking for an update soon!

wendy (on the other side of the big pond, pittsburgh Pa, Usa LOL)
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Sounds like Fudge is a lucky girl to have found such a loving family!

Welcome to TCS, from a fellow North Westerner (we are in Cheshire) Looking forward to seeing pics, and wishing you all good luck with the kits when they arrive
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Thanks to everyone for such a nice welcome!

Believe me Fudge is well and truly locked in from now until spay day!! She has been endlessly trying to get out but today she hasn't moved off the settee other than to eat!! She's exhausted today and her kittens are very active too,bless her she is half taking some kicks.She looks even bigger today,with bulges either side....a bit like a skittle!

Have managed to borrow my friends dog crate,which she is bringing tonight for me, so will set that up right away. Think we will have to put it in our bedroom as with 4 boys the rest of the house is quite busy!!

Thanks very much for all the tips/advice.....please keep them coming! Have the weighing scales ready too, as i read that somewhere on here too!

And i promise i'll attempt pics.....i'm a bit useless at things like that!
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Sorry for the late WELCOME!

You're doing a good job, fear not. I'm about 8 hours ahead of you so if you need help just send me a pm!
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Hiya and welcome , im in london so same time frame as you lol. good luck and hope everything goes well with the birth. all my lot send good vibes
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thanks very much!!

I feel quite nervous to be honest.Fudge is still flat out, though when she does get up she ignores all the boxes that are prepared for her and keeps squeezing into the smallest boxes she can find(like my 3 year olds boxed toys size!). Hopefully when the crate arrives tonight she will take to that.

Just a quick question though....do i confine her to the bedroom if i have to go out or just let her free roam the house?
I dont have plans to go anywhere during this week, other than work, which is fine as hubby home then,and i only work 2 mins away!BUT on saturday i DO have plans to go out.
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i would confine her to just 1 room when your not there . it just helps incase she was to have her kittens in an unsafe place .
also some cats will have a kitten in 1 place, then go to another place have one there and so on . and kittens get cold very quickly. so if it is possible to keep her in a room that is safe that would be great , i know some will keep them just in the crate while there not there as long as there is a litter tray water , food and a bed or blankets it should be fine.
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Hello and welcome to Tcs

Oooh your in Blackpool I luuuurve Blackpool
Is north pier still there?I heard they blew it up?
by the way,I'm sorry you lost out on the casino,Manchester doesn't need anything
else,So I hope your appeal gets the go a head

Fudge sounds such a sweet little baby girl,she is sooooo lucky tohave found you

I'm just down the road from you,well not exactly......more like the motorway
but if you need any help or advice please feel free to pm me or e-mail me,anytime.
My e-mail is in my profile
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any news on fudge today?
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No! she's still very pregnant!

She just looks realy fed up and is sleeping ALL the time! I have got the dog cage finally and its all set up ready,she has ignored it up until today when she got in the box this morning and stayed put for half an hour.
Her kittens feel enormous and are bulging out at either side,constantly moving and kicking!
She is doing a lot of wandering(when not sleeping!) and is still eating like a horse!
Will try and put her pic on today, if i can work it out!! I'm a bit dim at anything other than uploading!!

Thanks once again for the warm welcome extended by all xx
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welcome to TCS, well that was quit a story and bless u for helping out this kittie and takin the time needed I hope everything is going well and I cant wait to see pics of fudge and of course when the kittens are born of them too does the vet no how many kittens she is having?? thanx for the updates as well and keep them coming
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Thanks proudkittymom!

The vet wasn't very helpful to be honest,she was a stand in for my regular vet.I had to ask HER if Fudge was expecting!! She had a good feel and said she could feel them moving but didnt indicate how many.
Looking at the size and shape of her i'm guessing maybe 4.....but what do i know?!!
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i guessed right with lilly , not long before she had them , you could feel 3 long lumps 2 on 1 side and 1 on the other lol. was smug with my self i must admit lol
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Good luck with Fudge! I can't wait to see pictures. I'll be anxiously waiting!
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This was taken last night

and this was taken today!!
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Hope you like x
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OMG She's absolutely adorable! What a cutie. How old is she?
You weren't kidding, she's not nearly as big. Maybe she does only have a couple babies or the pregnancy isn't as far as once thought?
Now you have me scared that mine's gonna pop any day now! lol

I have to say Honey is sporting a full winter coat since I brought her in the house in January, so she may just appear bigger than she really is?

Good luck with Fudge!
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I know she's nowhere near as big as Honey!! But yes she is definitely due any day now....i Think anytime up to 22nd,certainly no later than that!! From the dates i think she was in heat it cant be any later than that.If i'm right that is!!
She is 14 months old, and was really tiny,skinny and bedraggled when we took her in! Think she still has a bit of catching up to do!
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What a cutie, and look how big she is but she is still a cutie I wonder how many kittens are in there
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We're figuring the last week of Feb...so I think we'll both be grandmas around the same time..
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just checking in..............she is a cutie and looking like she just wants to get on with things
Fingers crossed for you all
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Aw she's gorgeous

22nd eh? It's gonna be a long wait I'll be pacing the floor all week
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aw iv only had our pregnant cat a few days and already cant wait / and worried about the arrival of the kittens , the vet thinks she due around 5th march give or take a few days. i just want it all to be over with so that i know everything will be ok lol
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