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Willie's Death of Liver Failure

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Hi all-
I joined this forum only about a week ago, when I was in distress over saving six baby kittens who would surely die. In this short time I am already so attached to my four saved kittens that I can't imagine the pain that you all have experienced in the loss of your kitties.

I am actually writing because my mother knows that I am a member of this forum, and wanted some solace as well. Her cat, Willie, died of liver failure only months ago, after she had owned him for 14 years. The loss has been devastating to her. He slept with her every night, and was her most special, longest-living cat! She has always been a cat person, and about a month after Willie passed, we adopted two new kitties, Heintz and Mietze. These two have helped to heal her, as they run wild around our house and love to explore. But the loss is still painful.
She wanted me to tell her story and perhaps get some advice/comfort from other avid cat lovers (she is not internet savvy as of yet)!
Thanks for reading this LONG one...I think that this is a vital part of the site in helping others! So thanks for any help you can give.
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It's always very hard to lose someone who has been so special for such a long time. Willie had the best life possible with your mother and he knew it. He is now in a very wonderful and beautiful place called Rainbow Bridge where he is happy and free of all his pain and suffering. If you are not familiar with the Rainbow Bridge, you will find a copy of this very comforting poem at the top of this forum. I am very sorry about the loss of Willie, and my thoughts are with you.
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Loss is so very hard. Time is the best friend we have during mourning, it heals our wounded hearts. I pray that your mom finds comfort in your two new adoptions. Willie sounds like he was a very special kitty. Tell your mom we are thinking of her.
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sixkitties, I'm glad you came to the Bridge to let Mom mourn. Sometimes the world doesn't understand the depth of the pain we feel when we lose our kitty babies. I too lost one from liver failure. She was born with a small liver, and it was just not adequate anymore. She was 11, so I'm glad your mother had those few extra years with her pet. I know the heartache and the emptiness she feels. The kittens will help, and bit by bit the pain will lessen. She gave him a wonderful life, I'm sure. I hope she can soon remember him with happy memories.
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Willie sounds like he was a very special, and very loved member of the family. She will never replace Willie, but hopefully those two kittens, and your new 4, will help fill some of that cat-shaped hole in her heart.
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