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What heartwarming photos Jenny
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Awww! So sweet. They are adorable and both look so happy.
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How did I miss this thread earlier???!!!! Biscotte has the most precious face!!! Oh wow, what a sweetheart!

And she looks VERY happy curled up with her new brother I'm so glad Wellington has a new friend to love on
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Aww...that is so sweet! Napoleon's loss was such a blow for all of you. Its nice that Biscotte is helping everyone heal. She's such a sweet and beautiful girl!
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Every day now sees a breakthrough with her. She has definitely decided laps are the place to be and lay last night on the sofa with her head on my knee (she couldn't get any closer because of the others). And last night she came onto my bed for the first time, cuddling with Wellington at the end of the bed. She didn't stay there all night, but that was great to see. She is losing her fear of hands too.
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She is doing so well and she is very pretty.
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Thanks for the update, Jenny. She's a lucky little girl.
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I'm so glad to hear that she's losing her fear of hands, Jenny. I did hope that, once she made the discoveries she's making, that would also happen.
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Awwww Jenny that's wonderful!. I hope you can get more pictures of them together
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She's coming along very quickly! It makes me think that she was not a feral, but was dumped. Oh well, their loss is your gain!
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Awww! Look at the expression on her little face in the first picture! She's definitely saying "Thank you!" and that second picture is so sweet! I love how he's hugging her and washing her face, hehe
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