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Chronic UTI's

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My youngest kitty, Sam, has been plagued with chronic UTI's since he was an itty bitty thing. Sam came to us at 3 weeks of age, found as a stray, and barely survived. He has multiple issues from being nearly starved to death and malnourished.

He is also at the appropriate age to be neutered, but I am concerned about this because of his frequency of UTI's.

I am pondering switching him to Innova EVO because I have heard great things about this food being helpful to cats with UTI's.

Any feedback on the Evo and also, the neutering a cat with chronic UTI's?
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I don't know that this will help much, but thought I'd put my 2 cents in. We also had a male cat that came to us with lots of issues (he'd been thrown from a car as a tiny kitten, and we picked him up off the highway, complete with broken bones). Poor Winston had UTIs his entire life--like clockwork, spring & fall, I could count on him to become 'plugged up'. He was on a prescription diet (I believe it was Science Diet), but it didn't help. He was with us for 14 years; our vet checked his urine several times over the years and never found anything but a few crystals from time to time. His diagnosis of the situation was that Winston had suffered some sort of internal injury as a kitten that had affected his bladder muscles. The bladder wasn't emptying fully, which then brought on the UTI.
Winston was neutered; he'd had at least one UTI before that, but the vet never gave us any indication that he shouldn't be neutered because of it.
I would think that switching to a UTI friendly food would be a good idea. Hopefully, someone else will have more info for you.
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EVO is not UTI friendly ... that is actually one time my vet doesnt recommend EVO ...

Neutering is a great thing but uti help I dont know

what are you feeding now??

wet is the best diet for UTI cats....

Any crystals ?>?? if so what kind
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
EVO is not UTI friendly ... that is actually one time my vet doesnt recommend EVO ...
I know the dry EVO is often not reccomended for UTI's, but the wet IS good, or so I've thought.
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I think I would neuter. Stress can play a major role for UTIs, and the eventual strong urge to mate is likely to stress him out to some degree.
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Originally Posted by vanillasugar View Post
I know the dry EVO is often not reccomended for UTI's, but the wet IS good, or so I've thought.
Mine evan said no to the wet the ASH and other thing s are quite high when i did my own research... which off topic was a good thing as my old one couldnt handle it ( funny the dry she snuck didnt bother her )
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Do a search on Carpon by Dr. Belfield
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I "accidentally" eliminated fish from my cats' dry food a few years ago, and then started noticing that one of my cats (who had almost chronic UTIs before) only got them when I fed her a canned food that was fish. No more fish, only 1 uti for her in the past several years. Picked up the wrong cat food last time, 2 UTIs in 2 of our other cats, one of who had had reoccuring UTIs with crystals in the past (before switching the food),and one who had never had one.

Said all that to say this : you might want to try eliminating fish from his diet. When I came here, I discovered that I wasn't the only one who had a cat with fish related urinary problems .
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There are many causes for a UTI, stress being just one and diet being another. If it is a stress related issue, changing food could stress the kitty out more.

My Scotty had a stress-related UTI (I moved and two weeks later symptoms appeared) and it just took some time and patience until it went away.

It seems that it might be diet-related. There is a lot of documentation out there on what foods are good or not. I can't name any off the top of my head, but they're not hard to find.

Good luck and I'm wishing your Sam a speedy recovery!!!
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As long as you switch the foods out slowly and gradually (like over the course of 2 weeks) it shouldn't stress him out too much . My best friend also had a cat who got stress induced UTIs- everytime they had out of town company, she got one .
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