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Is She or Isn't she?

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Hi, I posted a thread last week about my cat Dee Dee. I calculated that she should be around 45 days today. The thing is she isnt very big at all. Her nipples are very enlarged but she is only slightly rounded and she is a small cat. I thought being smaller she'd show sooner. When she is resting i lay my palm on her side and i think i can feel slight 'butterfly' movements inside but i thought u could feel them quite clearly by now? Maybe she is only carrying a couple of kittens? She grooms alot and sleeps alot and her skin twitches when she is standing up. Not like contraction twitches almost like a fly has landed and she twitches to get it off. If u know what i mean!! I know i shouldnt worry about these things but i worry that she isn't progressing like she should. Any ideas??

Claire x.
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has she been to a vet to confirm pregancy?
and that way they can check everything is going ok.
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I took her 3 weeks ago and the vet was pretty sure she was, she palpated her stomach and thought she could feel one but couldnt tell how many more were in there as they were too soft "and kitten like" as she put it. She said the only way to tell how many there were for sure was by X-ray or ultra sound. I have just noticed actually that her anus ( i know it sounds gross!!) is more prominant and seems bigger too. Like its been stretched! (sorry!).

Is that significant?

Maybe i should take her back to the vets for another check up? She did say not to hesitate if i wanted any advice?
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it could be just that there is 1-2 kittens in there , which would not make her look very big , but yes if ever any worry i would just give your vet a ring.
keep us updated i have one here at the moment who is around 40-45 days pregnant who i picked up y/day. she looks rounded but that could be because this is like her 3rd or so litter bless her. me brain tells me to do a spay abort but my heart cant do it. was up vets this morning with her and everything seems fine. just a bit worried as her last owners have said her first litter was all born still born. and she could look bigger as she has already been through it. but her vet can feel at least 2 in there . but couldnt say for sure. and when it does happen we want lots of pics lol.
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This is her first and most definately her only litter. I will arrange another vet appointment and next monday as its half term or the monday after. So u dont think the stretched anus (im so sorry!!) thing is significant?
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There will be lots of pics!!! I know they do all their growing in the last 2 weeks, so maybe i shouldnt be too concerned!!
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i never really noticed anything with lilly when she had her litter . but not to sure if i ever looked lol. i wont check anne as she is still setting in , maybe someone else might know .
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I have taken some pictures for u all but im not sure how to attach them to my post? Can anyone help?
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[IMG]http://C:\\Documents and Settings\\Owner\\My Documents\\My Pictures\\pix288

[/IMG] Ok i think this is it. Hopefully you will see her laying on a chair?

This is Dee Dee and Simba!!

hope they come out ok!!
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The pictures didn't work for me. You can upload them to a free site such as and then link them from there if you want. You just have to sign up an account but it doesn't cost anything and it gives you the code to post here once the pictures are uploaded.
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ok i'm trying again!!

This is dee dee today laying on a chair.

This is Dee Dee's nipples close up.

Dee Dee and my other cat Simba.

Hope that it worked this time.
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Does she look about right for 45 days - ish!!
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she has gromed the hair away from the nipples . you said that you have been able to fell movment? normaly with movment like proper kicks and stuff is normally the 6 weeks mark roughly. so i would say sounds about right. but seen as you dont know the excat date , it could be a few days either way.
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just checking in, see you got the photos sorted out - she is looking a big girl, hows she doing today ?

Simba is such a cutie too and looks like will join in on helping mum when the kits come
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Your Dee Dee and Simba are precious. Sending you lots of good vibes!
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Thanks guys!! Dee Dee is doing well and growing by the day! Simba is a very precious boy and very spoilt aswell He has been grooming Dee Dee lots especially the places she is finding a bit difficult to reach now. I hope he will be o.k with the kittens, we'll see what happens!! Its getting close now only about 12 days to go!
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aww bless , i think we have about 2 1/2 weeks left , im guessing from what the vet has said and the lady i got her from , around the 8th march. will soon see.
good luck hope everything goes well.
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what cutie pies and it looks like dee dee has a little helper to she does look rounded and well I am so excited for u keep us updated on the progress and everything and I am also sending good vibes for birthing ur way
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