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Adding to diet?

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Me again....

Now I am settling in with Milli, it's such a joy.
Today Milli started groping harder like the amount of food she is not getting.
Am I doing the right thing????
12ml "kittymilk" and before that 3ml gerber lamb (baby food). She loved it, I also put her in a kittybox, she was not sure what to do there, but finally she did her buisiness. I washed her down, and she is a true gem and went back to sleep.
For the record, Milli is about 3weeks old.

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I'm not sure of the amounts, but it sounds like you're doing a good job. That's great that she figured out what to do in the box.

She's growing fast, so she will eat more and more as the days and weeks go by. If you have a small postage scale, you can weigh her daily to make sure she's gaining weight every day. I can't remember exactly, but I think they should gain about 1/2 oz per day at that age.

Maybe in another week or so, you can convince her to take some of her food off of a small saucer. It helps if you offer some on your finger first, and lead them to the plate with the tasty finger
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I'm sorry, but I don't the story with Milli, would you mind recapping?

I got my youngest girl at 3 weeks also, and was giving her a mix of KMR, Pedialyte, Gerber baby food, Royal Canin Babycat food, tinned kitten food, and water - mixed them all up, and gave her a few spoonfuls of that 3 times a day warmed up slightly and she loved it, and gained weight well. She was sick and dehydrated when I got her, but as she started gaining weight and got more hydrated, I stopped all the "extra" things, and just gave her KMR mixed with the wet and dry, then separated out the wet and dry, and by 5/6 weeks I think she was eating the dry on her own, and loving the wet food when she had it.

With a kitten that young you have to be very careful of dehydration, and make sure they don't eat too much because that will cause diarrhea (and dehydration!).

If she likes her kitty milk I'd mix that in with wet food, and maybe also soak dry kitten food in the kitty milk as well to get her eating that. The sooner she can eat on her own and therefore, whenever she's hungry - the better!

The little cherubs eat so much at that age!!!!!!
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I have weighed her, she is 400g length is 16cm.
Let me tell you she is now really demanding her feeding times.
Sarahp I got Milli when she was only a few days old, she was found in a wall I did make posts about that also.

Milli is now eating 5ml lamb gerber, and 15ml milk every four hours. And she is such a blessings and now sleeps through the night..

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Hi Sharon,

I went back and found your posts - what a wonderful story!! I'm so glad you're in love with her now. Our little girl we've had since a little baby has really bonded with us and absolutely loves people. I'm pretty sure she sees my husband as her kitty daddy Cats that bond early with people truly are precious.

I'd start trying to get her onto cat food - maybe mix the Gerber in with some high quality tinned kitten food, then slowly cut down on the amount of Gerber in it?

At 3 weeks old, my kitten was 300g, so yours is a good size

And can we get photos?????
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