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poisoned kitten? Maybe bug bite?

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I have a four week old kitten who is extremely sick, and I can't find any info on it's symptoms.
We took in a stray who had these kittens. For the first three weeks they all stayed in the house, then we set them up in the garage since my husband is allergic.
Well, two days ago the momcat took all the kittens behind the washer, which is just cement back there, no blankets.
Yesterday this one kitten started acting really lethargic, crawling away from the others, then collapsing and shivering. I figured it had caught cold and brought it in and covered him all up and he stopped shivering, but slept the whole day. I got him to eat a little cat milk from a baby bottle last night.
Today he is behaving almost like he is having some sort of bad drug episode: Wide open dilated eyes, kind of unfocused gazing around. He keeps trying to crawl into dark spots, and the worst symptom is every once in a while he'll have a "seizure" where he'll get totally stiff, and writhe around, and drool or foam at the mouth. His little heart pounds wildly and his breathing is labored.
I can't afford to take him to the vet, we were going to have the mom spayed after we found homes for them. He just seems to be fighting so hard--truth be told I thought he was going to die in the middle of the night, but he keeps hanging on through all this.
Does it sound like he got bit by a bug or ate a bug that might have poisoned him? I'm keeping him warm and I try to hold him when he has the seizures, but not sure if I'm helping him. Thanks for reading this long message.
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Unfortunatley there are many things that could lead to what you are describing. Kittens are very weak at this point and can come down with just about anything. Feline distemper could have led to this, if the mom was a stray you dont know what she has or has been exposed to. It could be symptoms of FIV ir FELV. It could have a brain disorder. Any of which it will probably loose it's life no matter what you do if left untreated. If mom wasnt taking care of it then she was pushing it away to die. I am very sorry you are going to have to go through this. It is too bad you cant get it to a vet.
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I'm afraid I have to agree. By this stage, Even a vet would probably put him to sleep. Kittens that age are extremely fragile. Maybe you know a vet that will at least put him out of his misery and let him go peacefully? You could try the local shelter - they would probably do it free of charge. Chances are he's already gone by the time you read these lines, I just hate to think of the poor little thing still being in agony.

Should any more kittens go down with this disease, please take them to the shelter's clinic. Explain that these are stray kittens and ask if the vet could just see them free of charge.

I'm glad you tried saving them and I'm glad you're having the mom's spayed soon! Let us know how they and you are doing.
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Sounds like your kitty may have had distemper. That's what most of the symptoms point to. Kittens can and do die from it and the disease stays airborne for up to one year. Get that baby to a vet fast. And get them off the cold cement floor into a laundry basket with lots of blankets and a heating pad.
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