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Possibly a new job for me at a vet (I hope)

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Well, since I broke my foot, I've been thinking about getting another job (I'm a waitress). I saw an ad for a part-time receptionist at a cat-only vet here in town. A couple years ago, I worked for a vet over my summer break... so I have a little experience in the area, and I'm proficient with computers. Hopefully me being in school won't count against me, since it's only a part-time position.

The ad asked for applicants to "apply in person," so I will be doing just that tomorrow morning. Wish me luck... I could use some vibes! Oh, and my husband says he still needs vibes for a job too.
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Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you both get your new jobs!!
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Sending lots of job vibes your way!!!!

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Best of luck!!
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Welcome to the "Job Vibes" club! Hope you get your new job!
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Oh cool, how exciting!!!! BEST OF LUCK!!!!

And of course, more good vibes for your hubby
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Good luck sweetie! I'm sending vibes to both you and your hubby!!! Keep us posted!
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good luck, I am keeping my fingers crossed that u get it I am sending vibes to u and ur hubby keep us updated
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Good luck Shannon!!!

Now I wonder how the babies will react to you coming home with different cat smells hmmm???
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That would be awesome for you!! Good luck
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Good luck, sounds a great idea!
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Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for both you and your husband that you both find new jobs.

Please keep us updated on it too.

Good luck today.

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Good luck! I hope you get the job!
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Good Luck. Sounds like a great job. I really hope that your able to get it.
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That sounds like a awesome job. Hope you get it
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Good luck to you & yours! Hope everything turns out the way it should.

Hilda >^..^<
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Thanks, guys!

I just filled out their paperwork and took a little test today (asking me how to spell stuff and do some math). They said the lady who is doing interviews is in tomorrow, so I will probably get a call then.
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