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OMG Smudge is so cute today

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Earlier today she decided she had to cuddle me, so she made a leap onto the top of my leg (this is while I'm standing up), then bounded up my jacket up to my face and rubbed her face against mine purring away before I knew what was going on! She's soooo sweet! She rarely comes to me for snuggles, so that was so lovely!

Right now she's cuddled up in DH's arms with her face against his chin, and occasionally lifts her head up and snuggles against his face again. And then she'll stretch her front legs out, and snuggle in to him as close as she can, purr, sigh and fall asleep again.

DH is trying very hard to be manly and not grin like an idiot. I just cannot get over the fact of how much she absolutely adores him.
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OMG Sarah, that is so precious Awwwww
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Awwww she sounds like little Squee.
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I was going to answer with "But Smudge is always cute!" and while she is, this is especially sweet and adorable and...just....AAAAAWWWW! I'm so glad you both agreed that she found her family when she first came home with you. Dont you just love Daddy's Baby Kitties?
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I think its hilarious that he's trying not to grin like an idiot!!! Who says guys don't like kitties?
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Aw, my heart just melted
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My gosh, I think my heart would burst. You must be in heaven. She is such a special little girl. I think this is her way of thanking you for the operation on her eyes. My hubby is ga-ga over our kitties too. He's forever talking to them and picking them up and cuddling with them. It's a real joy to see.
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