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Can you identify my kitty?

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Ok, so I have this cat that I love, but truth be told, I have no idea what breed he is. He was a stray that a family member found. He is extraordinarily sweet and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what he is.

Characteristics: he has a large mane and his paws are huge. He now weighs about 20 pounds but he isn't really fat-his belly is more solid than big. His fur is medium length and his undercoat(?) is very thick and downy.

I have some pictures, here are the links.

The last one is when we first got him. His hair was very matted and we had to get him shaved. The vet doesn't know what kind he is, so I'm hoping someone with more cat experience knows! Anyways, thanks in advance!!

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He's a standard breed domestic longhair. And he's GORGEOUS!

What that means is that he's just a standard cat breed, like the majority of companion cats alive today...all of the "official" breeds were actually made using, many times, these standard breed kitties. The purebreds are bred almost exclusively for conformation and breeds are all relatively "new" (well, compared to some working breeds or types of dogs, that is). So basically, your kitty comes from the standard stock of cats that have descended naturally from North African small wildcats centuries ago.
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He is absolutely gorgeous
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He's a cutie
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he is gorgeous but like Allie said, he is a Domestic Long Hair
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He is gorgeous! Who's that he's watching in the small cage? He seems very interested!
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oh thanks guys! he is gorgeous and so incredibly sweet. In the one picture he's watching our two guinea pigs. He's such a great cat, I love him. It's interesting finding some oddities about him, too. Like we found out that he always comes running when you whistle. Our other kitty doesn't care about the whistling, but he will come running. He's great. Thanks so much for all the replies, I really appreciate it!
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I do believe He's a very pretty domestic longhair orange tabby!
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He is exactly the kind of cat I want for my next kitty, a nice cuddly orange kitty
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He is a beauty for sure! Looks like he might have a bit of Maine Coon in his genes.
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The size of him could hint a bit of Maine Coon, but I do believe he's mostly a domestic long-haired cat. He's lovely! I have a special place in my heart for big fluffy boys!!!
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awe what a cutie, he reminds me alot of my willie who has maine coon in him, and ur boy does look like he does it was so funny because i was unsure and I have an account on Caster as well for my kitties and someone emailed me saying that they knew he was a maine coon and I am not sure if it was a main coon breeder or a maine coon owner but alot of told me thats what my willie is i guess but here is a pick of my big boy

and ur boy def reminds me of willie a little bit so i say there is some maine coon in there somewhere !!
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Originally Posted by Swedeisme View Post
Ok, so I have this cat that I love, but truth be told, I have no idea what breed he is.
Silly question, but what country are you in? Your user name makes me wonder if there's a chance of there being for forest cat in the mix.
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