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Originally Posted by Auntie Crazy View Post
Thank you all very much for your compassion and empathy; it truly helps.

I took a vacation day today and I do feel a bit better. It's just so sad. It hurts every time I lean my hand on the back of the couch where Ollie used to sit, and when I go to feed everyone and have to put out one less bowl.... well, I guess any time I'm accustomed to seeing his sleek white face, or running my fingers through his short silky fur (none of his siblings have the same kind of fur).

I am more grateful than ever for my digital camera. I have over a 1,000 pics of Oliver; there are only a handful of his days for which I don't have at least a couple. Looking through them makes me feel close to him. I'm thinking about making a hard copy album, or even spending the $ to buy a digital picture frame.

Thank you again, everyone, for your kindness, truly.
It is nice to have all those pictures of Ollie, you will always have wonderful memories of him.

Sending prayers and hugs that your heart ache will be better soon.

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Originally Posted by Auntie Crazy View Post
So I put my friend to sleep this afternoon.

I feel shattered. I thought maybe if I posted his life in pics, to show that, as short as it was, it was a good life, maybe I would feel better.

I don't. But maybe tomorrow I will.
A life in pictures is a beautiful tribute - so much better to focus on the beauty of the life than on the sadness of its end.

Rest in peace and play Ollie.
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Bless you Ollie.
RIP sweet darling.
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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Ollie. I lost my Ollie (Oliver) on 1/6/07 from FIP. I had adopted him 9/9/06, so he too had a very short life.I miss him so much, but like you I have pictures to remember him by. You gave him a wonderful home and lots of love in the short time that you had him. I guess, in the long run, that is what we are all here to do - to try and make a difference in someone's life (be it human or animal). What a beautiful little boy. I hope that he is playing happily with my little Oliver and all the others who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge. Bless you,
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i am very sorry, RIP Ollie. play at the bridge.
thank you for showing us the pics. Very pretty kitty.
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I would love to get a digital picture frame and if you do get one i assure you - you will be so happy.

we take so many pictures now and never get to frame all of them. with a digital picture frame you can see them all - what a nice way to keep Ollie close. a great idea!~
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Poor darling little angel - he was so beautiful. The pictures show a little cat who lived a life which, although short, was full of happiness and love - he looks so contented

Love going out to you at this sad time
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
And to that I would add, it takes as long as it takes. Please be gentle with yourself. You did the loving thing.

so true... i think a digital frame would be a wonderful memorial to your little trouper! to you during this painful time.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Ollie wasn't with you for long, but it was obvious that he was well loved. Rest peacefully, sweet boy!
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