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Tonsil & Adenoids Surgery... Cats Best Company

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Feb 5, I had to get my tonsils and adenoids removed. Believe me when they say the 3rd and 4th day are the worse, THEY ARE!!! Today is my 6th day and I am still in pain. I still can't swallow because it hurts a lot. I have pain in my ears due to the surgery.

But above it all my kitties have been there for me. They even give me entertainment, Cuddles and Sushi are always playing with each other, chasing, jumping, tossing and turning. But they also like the cuddling.

I was laying on the bed with the heating pad wrapped my ears covering my face. Cuddles came walking up to my face lifted the heating pad and looked me straight in the face and meowed. It was if she was asking if i was okay.

Sushi will notice I ain't out of bed at a certain time and comes in and cuddles with me for a while till she knows I am okay than its off to discover the house.

Stormy my thearpy cat will stay with me all day if she could. She curls right up to me and just wants to hug me. Sometimes she likes to even sit on the laptop and won't let me use it,till she gets a few rubbings in of love.

My dog Mugzy is in there too, she follows me anywhere I go to make sure that I am okay.

My dad works during the day and the same with my bf, so I am basically alone during the day till around 4 or 5 in the evening. So my animals, are basically my buddies during my alone time.
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Cats are the best campanions when we don't feel well I had the same surgery too...but I was very young so I don't remember much.
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I had that surgery a few years ago at 22. It was the worst pain! I wasn't able to eat regularly for a good two weeks or longer. I remember soaking all the way up to my chin in a hot bath (the heat helped my throat) and sipping liquid vicodin Its a great weight loss plan!

Feel better soon!
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I hope you feel much better very soon. Cats can be great when you're feeling bad. I haven't had mine out but I get tonsillitis at least twice a year, it can only be a matter of time. In all truth I am on the one hand terrified of surgery, but on the other hand wishing I'd got it over with years ago

Wishing you a swift recovery
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Awww...animals rock when you're sick!

I Had that surgery too when I was a lot younger (like 11 or 12). The best thing to eat was chocolate pudding. I think I lived on that for the first 4 days. It soothed the pain.
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Yeah I am 25 yrs old and it's onto my second week and ugh I am still not eatting, expect pudding and jello. Yeah its a great weight lost plan but I wouldn't mind skipping the pain. I am hoping next week I will be back to normal.

My bf told me once I am able to eat normally he's taking me to all these restruants I love to eat at.

The only thing that caused the biggest problem with this surgery is the med. We found out that I was allergic to it and ended up itching every where. We called the doc and he said that he wasn't going to put me on a new antibatic. Which my bf had a fit about since he also had this surgery and knew you need an anitbactic. So, we called my primary and she got me on one, but I have to swallow the pill, can we say OWIE!!!!!

Today the cats are taking turns cuddling with me. Expect Sushi is extra snuggly when I'm have pudding. Just now I wouldn't give her any so she deleted this message, thank god for short cut keys. (she even logged me out) LOL, she loves pudding and a few of the other foods I can eat..

But yeah their all doing shared lap time. One leaves and another takes the place. Stormy right now is sleeping on the foot rest, if she can't get cuddle time she'll make sure she's near me.

I wish my bathtub was deeper, I would soak up to my chin in it. When I take showers I just let the water drop on my neck and stand there going AAAWWWW!!!!
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My doctor didn't give me any antibiotics when I had mine out, either. As a matter of fact, I remember calling (or trying to call) his office and just crying because I was hurting so bad. They said I didn't need to come in, that I just had to give it time to heal.
Did your doctor use a laser? My doctor refused a laser and prided himself on going the "old fashioned" way, with a hot knife

For the heat, if you wet a wash cloth and throw it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up it will feel wonderful if you then wrap it around your throat area.
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So sorry to hear about your pain. I just wrote something about tonsils in the
confession thread last night. Glad you didn't read it before you went in for surgery as it would have scared you!

It takes about 2 weeks to get better. My third week I was back at school, but a bit thin and weak due to the forced starvation diet.

I ate a lot of freezies. I put those gel hot/cold pads on my neck (I used frozen) wrapped in a jay cloth.

You are finding that your ears are in pain? I found I had more pain there than in my throat. I went back to the hospital to ask about it (and get more pain killers. I wanted morphine! I was desperate for relief and they gave me morphine for the first day out of surgery. They wouldn't give it, so I had to cope with my Tylenol 3s). Anyway, the doctor told me the ear pain was what they call 'referred pain'. Something to do with healing in my throat affecting nerves that made me think my ears were affected. The same phenomenon happened when I got my wisdom teath out.

You should be much better by the end of your second week. Everyone's different of course. Mine were deep-rooted, hence why it was such an ordeal.

I think they used a knife on mine, not a laser. I know they cauterized the wounds, as my throat looked like I'd swallowed a firecracker.

Hope you feel better soon! Glad the cats are helping out.

You'll find you're a lot healthier once you are without tonsils.
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Yeah I had to get my adnedoids out because they were so large that they closing off my nasal cavity. Because of that I have not been able to breath through my nose or smell for as long as I can remember which is probably since I was a child. My tonsils were almost so big that they were touching each other.

The specialist also felt I had sleep apena where you stop breathing in the middle of the night. My bf told him that there were times he was sure I had stopped and that my snooring was so loud you could hear me in another room. I was always tired and ready for bed 5 hours after I woke up. And even after I would take a 3 hour nap I was ready for bed a couple hours later.

So far besides the pain sleeping as been nice and I am no longer tired through out the day.

I am not sure if he used a laser or a knife. My bf said that it looked black in certain area.

Thanks for all the encouragement through my recovery.

Cats are doing great. Sushi has been her usual trouble making self, stealing pudding or jello. Strange cat she is, but she's still a kitten.
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