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My eldest of three cats, Foofy, recently came down with a "cold." I took her to the vet and they gave me medication to give her every 12 hours (I have it worked out to 8AM and 8PM right now) and I was told to keep her away from the other cats in case of it being leukemia. I currently have a litterbox, food, and water (along with Foofy, of course) in my walk-in closet in my apartment so she won't be bothered.

I asked my mother, a veterinary assistant "back home" (about three hours from my current location), about the situation and she says that this "cold"-like thing is going around right now with cats.

So, my question is (finally, right?)....

Can cats just get plain old colds? Or is this something that may in turn do my cat in?

The vet I took Foofy to yesterday was NOT very friendly and not very willing to talk to me, most likely due to the fact I'm only 17 (which I could go off on a whole other shpeel about age discrimination, LOL). That's why I ask here... I'd ask my mom more, but her and I don't "see eye to eye," so I ask her as little as necessary.

*A little about Foofy:
I "inherited" her from my dad's friend's grandmother. The grandmother had Alzheimer's and had to go into a nursing home, giving me the opportunity to look after Foofy... Which turned into me getting to keep her. Foofy is fairly "PMSy" on a regular basis and does not get along well with my other cats (she avoids them, but they are younger so sometimes they try to play with her), my boyfriend, or basically anybody that comes into our apartment. The only person she is semi-okay with is me. Right now when I go in to pet her and check on her in the closet she purrs when I pet her, but when my boyfriend went in she will weakly give an unpleasant meow. I don't know her age or what shots she has, but I do know she is spayed and front-declawed.

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Cats get upper respiratory infections just like people, i.e., a "cold", but they are not the same viruses, so people can't pass them onto cats and vice versa. They only get them from other cats, and BOY, are they contagious. There are a few cat viruses like herpes virus and calicivirus that cause these upper respiratory problems--sneezing, watery eyes, boogery nose, etc.
Its important to treat your cat with an antibiotic when they do get these, while the antibiotic is useless against a viral infection, almost always, they get a secondary bacterial infection that does a way worse job of making your cat sick. A secondary infection can really mess them up, they can get things like chronic rhinitis (permanently damaged nasal passages and constant sneezies), and even pneumonia.
It shouldn't "do Foofy in", but it's important that she's treated as you are doing. I hope Foofy feels better soon.
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It's not the same virus that causes colds in humans, but yes cats can get a 'cold' virus that causes similar symptoms. You need to keep a close eye on the situation because a viral infection can weaken the immune system and leave the cat vulnerable to a bacterial upper respiratory infection, in which case antibiotics are required. Look out for lethargy or lower energy level, lack of appetite, and discharge from the nose that is thicker than water, if these things occur then go back to the vet.

The word 'cold' means the same thing in humans and cats though, a viral infection that causes inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes and throat (scientifically known as rhinotracheitis - which translates as inflammation of the nose and throat).

It's extremely unusual for a virus to pass between other animals and humans, while bacterial infections can be passed more readily. This is due to the fact that a virus is much more 'fussy' about the conditions in which it can survive.
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Thank you! You're very full of information.

This morning Foofy seems to be doing a lot better, actually. Getting her to take the medicine is still a neat trick, but it must be working. She got up when I went in to see her (after the medication) and went straight for the food, ate a bunch, then drank a bunch of water. She stood and walked around a little, letting me pet her and then headed back to the food when I left. She used the litterbox yesterday. She seems to have more of an appetite today, which is good, and she didn't sneeze more than a couple times if that.

I hope this means the medicine is working. I still plan to use it up, like the vet's instructions suggest. I've heard of people and animals stopping medication when they feel better only to cause them to take a turn for the worse.
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Originally Posted by MsKtty89 View Post
I hope this means the medicine is working. I still plan to use it up, like the vet's instructions suggest. I've heard of people and animals stopping medication when they feel better only to cause them to take a turn for the worse.
You are correct, Ms. Kitty! You should always use the full course of the antibiotics prescribed. The hardier form of the "bug" (a better term is not coming to mind at the moment) may not be totally vanquished yet. Also, only using antibiotics until the person/animal feels better can cause antibiotic-resistant bugs to develop. Check out this link if you're interested in a more thorogh explanation: http://www.hhmi.org/cgi-bin/askascie...2Fans_025.html
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Thanks! Glad I know something. =^__^=
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What happens when cats are stressed out (example would be that the cat was moved to a new home with new people) it weakens their their immune systems leading to illness and colds. Important thing is to make sure she is eating, she doesn't get dehydrated and that she doesn't run a temperature. You can pick up some L-lysine to assist in overcoming the cold and to give her some extra nutrients and a little boost.
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Thanks for the advice. We just moved into this apartment about a month ago, so that could have something to do with it. Luckily the roommate (and his friends that follow him around) will be gone in another month or so... I'm not a fan of them, especially when they make fun of Foofy.

Foofy was doing even better this morning. She stood up right away when I went in by her and even showed interest in the door whereas this whole time she's wanted to be where she is... She has been eating and drinking and I remember at the vet they said her temp was normal (oh how she loved that thermomitor... ^___^').
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