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Need Help!!! Hairball??

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Hi all, I am new to this site in hopes of finding some answers. My 1.5 year old kitty Gabe is sick and i don't know whats wrong with him. It's also sunday and I can't afford to take him to one of those e-vets.
heres the deal

he's normally VERY active, playful, full of engery and a very hungry cat

yesterday i noticed he was being very lathargic and unlike himself.
he hasn't eaten since then, or drank and i don't think he's gone to the bathroom either. about 3 times hes gotten into the 'hairball' position and tried to hack something up, but it never comes. he hasn't thrown up a hairball ever, yet. he has been hiding and sleeping all day. he wont groom himself or even move when the can cat food comes out.
i keep thinking that maybe he has a large hairball built up from the year he's been alive and its stuck. Im worried he will be dehydrated. I can't get to the vet unless my mother takes him in tomorrow. I've tried the 'paste' for hairballs to loosen it up which he used to love to like off my fingers, but i had to physically make him eat it this time im so scared, he's not like himself at all. Just laying there barely responding!

Please let me know anything you might think to help him. I feel like he might be in pain, i wish i could induce vomiting to bring it up b/c i feel like he might be scared to cough it up or something, i don't know

- April
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Puff did something like this a few weeks ago. I rubbed his belly and it ended up being gas. I also fed him butternut squash to help move things along.
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It sounds like a tummy problem Poor little guy!
Do his eyes look okay? (ie: color normal, not glassy, watery)
Are his ears a normal temp?

If his eyes and ears look normal - I'd wait it out until you can get him to the "cheaper" vet (oh I know how hideous those e-vet prices are!!) but maybe try something that may stir his bowels -- like a mashed up veggie.

My Maverick loves beans and corn
Good luck and many hugs coming from my house to yours! Let us know how he is!
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