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Some photos taken of Lily today - it was a bit of a challenge getting them without flash as the light was so dull. Still, my beautiful girl makes up for any blurriness and will hopefully distract you from noticing Meomy's inadequacies

Watching the birdies

Posing nicely for Meowmy
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Great pictures! Love Lily's closeup!
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She's SO beautiful!!
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Lily is beautiful! Very nice pictures.
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She's adorable
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Lily is a beautiful girl.
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Lily is such a little doll
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Lily! You're so absolutely gorgeous! Such a sweet, lovey girl, Beth!
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Beth, that last pic of Lily is absolutely stunning!
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Lily is absolutely georgous, Beth!
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very nice pics
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She's a doll great pictures to
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Ahhh, she's so pretty!

Hilda >^..^<
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Lily is beautiful! Thanks for posting her pictures!
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What beautiful big eyes!
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She's such a doll, Beth!
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I just never got around to thanking you all for your lovely comments about Lily. I swear she walked with her held higher and her tail straight up in the air, so felt so proud
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what a pretty kitty!
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