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Switching foods

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Ok i have a few questions about switching or mixing my kittys food,Currently they are on Eukanuba dry kitten food which they have been doing very well on but they only have one flavor of kitten food and i think my kittens are kinda getting sick of it,the problem problem is they are very picky eaters and i have spent alot of money on diffrent dry foods that are now just sitting because my kittys wont eat them.
Here are my questions
1)Does anyone know of a brand of kitten food that makes a variety of flavors for kittens?
2)Would it be good for me to mix a little bit of another flavor/brand of food with my current food just to make it more interesting for them?

Some foods i have tried are Acana kitten food,Nutro,Eagle pack,even the cheap local store brand(i was desperate and at a loss for ideas).
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Which Nutro did you try ???/

How old are they?

what foods do you have avail???
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We tried Nutro Natural choice complete care, kitten.
They are about 3.5 and 4.5months old
Pretty much anything suggested i can get,we live in a large city and are willing to travel throughout it to get food.
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Performation(sp) ultra is one a few others in CA use ....

Nutro max tastes better than Natural choice

Royal canin

Blue spa



those are a few I beleive are avail
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Thanks,I will see whats available at what stores here and hopefully have luck finding a new food my kittens will enjoy as much as they did Eukanuba.
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