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Cleaning ears?

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My cats all have dirty ears- especially the barn cats. The house cats just have a little light brown stuff in them- not mites or anything.

How do I clean them? They HATE it when I put drops in, and will not asociate with me for about 5 hours after

What is a good product to use? Thanks!

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I have a friend who cleans her cat's ears by using a Q-Tip and cleaning them much the same way you would do your own (of course being careful to not poke too deep in there and hurt any essential bits). I've never done it myself as my cats keep each other's ears pretty clean, but it may be worth a try?
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Hmmm I'd be afraid of damaging them- because they hate it so much, they shake their heads and squirm- thanks for the suggestion though!
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Our Vet also recommends q-tips. In fact they use a slightly bigger version of a Q-tip to clean our cat's ears.

We just scruff him and hold him still, we then flush his ears with a solution we received from the vet. rub it in for a minute, and then we use 8-10 q-tips to pull out all the wax.

Our cat doesn't like it during the process but he's always quite happy afterwards since his ears produce so much wax they are always very itchy for him.
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There is a solution you can buy to clean the ears. You just put a few drops in each ear and rub at the base. Then they shake their head and it comes out. Or you can use baby wipes and wipe it out.
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There is also a product that is called Kitty Ear Wipes (or something to that effect) which is a wet cloth you can use to wipe the interior of the ears. The solution requires the Q-tip, and mine never would let me get the Q-tip in so I have opted for the wipes whenever they appear to need a cleaning.

Good luck!
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I would also suggest kitty ear wipes, or simple mineral oil if you want to try drops again. They also make q tips that have a liquid cleaner in them. You crack the one end of the q tip and the liquid drains into the other side which you clean out the ears with.
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Ok- thanks. I'll try the Q-Tips then... see if I can find some sort of cleaning stuff..
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