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Wish Me Luck!!!

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Finally, after many delays and exhausting home renovations, I'll be picking up my kitten this Saturday!!

I also wanted to add that I have really enjoyed my time at this site. I'm really glad I found it on the net.....your a great group of people (and felines!) As you can see I don't get to post much (still a kitten) but I still swing by every so often when the renovations slow down!

I won't be back at home till next week (stopping by the cottage first) but I'll try to get a digital pic of my new one to share with all of you.

Wish me luck on the 5 hour drive to pick her up!

Stay safe everyone!
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good luck!!!!!
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How exciting to FINALLY bring her home! I'm looking forward to the pics of your new baby.

Have a safe trip. We're glad you found us here, too!
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Have a safe trip, and keep us posted! We always appreciate pictures.
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Good luck with the new kitty!!! I hope I get the chance to see the pictures...I won't be online as much after this weekend.
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Best of luck to you Kassandra...and to the new kitty! And please do post a pic!
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Hoooraaaay for Kassandra!!!

Lucky you - bet you are just itching to get your paws on that little baby! I can just see it now - all that smooching and kissing your new baby - I envy you!!! Good luck - can't wait to see the pics!

(Mother to Phoebe the Russian Blue)
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Where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We miss you and want some news damn it! How is she show us a pic, tell us all about it Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!! come back!!!!!!!!1
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