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It's possible that the vbbux points being calculated and updated for every postbit (the header that contains your username post count and avatar etc.) is slowing down page loading. It's also possible that there is little to no effect, so we are going to do a test. Later this week, I will not-so-magically make the point count, bank count and total points count disappear from being displayed within posts, which I'm sure everyone will notice. I will leave it like that for a few days. Don't worry. Your points will still accumulate. You can still view them from the profile view etc.

Anyway, during this week, take a mental note of how long it takes to load pages. Later this week when I announce that the points display within posts is turned off, make a mental note of whether there is any difference over those next few days. If you think you see a difference, post here in this thread. If you don't notice a difference, post here as well. If you're not sure there's an actual difference, jump off a 2 foot high bridge into a giant lake of pink jelly and post here as well.