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Hello There!

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Hi Everybody...

I'm new to this site and I absolutely love that I found a "cat forum". I'm a new mommy. My hubby and I got our kitty, Magnus about 6 months ago. Magnus is a sweetie and sooo soo cute. We think he looks like Garfield. We've never had a cat before, so we're very nervous parents. One thing I must say though, is that my life has changed a lot since we got Magnus. I never thought I would LOVE my cat so much. I think about him all the time and I love sitting at home and playing with him.

One day when we get a house and we're able to, we plan to get Magnus a little brother or sister kitty. I hope they'll get along okay.

Thanks and it's been great reading and meeting all of you.
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Welcome to you and Magnus! What a handsome boy he is! It looks like he knows he's the king of the realm.

Feel free to jump right in. Everyone is extremely friendly and very helpful, and are gladly willing to admit how addicted they are to this site :tounge2: Hope to hear more from you!

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Welcome to the site! Magnus looks so content and happy in that picture. Gave me a nice grin!

Like Christy said, feel free to jump right in, ask any questions you may have, or just brag about your baby. We've all been new kitty mommies and daddies at one time or another, so we know all the questions you probably have about him.

I look forward to getting to know you and Magnus better!
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Magnus is very handsome! And I agree - he does look like Garfield....
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Hi! Isn't it great to be a kitty mommy? It looks as if Magnus is a very much loved kitty, and probably almost as spoiled as mine! I'm so glad you've joined us. I'll be watching for your posts.
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Hi Everyone...

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Yes Magnus is a spoiled kitty. My hubby even says that I love Magnus more than him.

Nonetheless he's a great cat. He's very well behaved and mellow, he even managed to get my mom who thinks all cats are evil to like him.

I'll have to do my best and read up on everyone here.

Have a great day!
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welcome! i just adore that face on your kitty! so handsome!
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How cute Magnus is! And what a fitting name. What kind of kitty is he?
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Hello and WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Magnus is so gorgeous, It's the purrrrfect name for him too! I love his face. We want more pic's!!!! You will love it here. This is the best and only catsite/forum to be on. Forget the rest this is the best hehehe!!!!! Oh and only some of us are mad LOL.

I hope you enjoy it here!

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Hi and welcome!
Like everyone has said so far, feel free to ask any questions you have. Magnus looks regal indeed....though he looks like he can act like Garfield too.

I agree with Bundylee, this is the best catsite/forum. I've gotten the help when I've asked for it when I've had a problem with Russell.
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Morning Everyone...

I can't say enough how I really have enjoyed this forum so far. It's always nice to have a place to go and get advice with people that share common interests.

Magnus, he's an exotic shorthair...in my terms a shorthair persian. I really like the fact that he's short and stocky, but it does get to me when people call him fat...when really he's a lot of fur.

He's the funniest...as for acting like Garfield...well at times he does...and at times he doesn't...although he knows he can't have table food he loves the smell of lasanga and pasta for some reason. He's so laid back its almost like he's a doggie. I have more pictures of him on my website...he's such a ham. Not to mention has a funny face! We sometimes think he's our little orange tabby Yoda. Yeah me and the hubby are complete freaks about him.


Oh well time to look like I'm working or something like that.

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Those pics of Magnus are great! You should submit some to the Caption This! forum. You have a real knack for catching him in great kitty moments.

I poked around your site a bit. I LOVE Batz Maru! He's so cute, and ya gotta love the attitude. Your wedding pictures were simply beautiful. And your dress! Gorgeous!!!
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OMG, he *does* look like Garfield.. I've never actually seen a cat that really looks like him. (I've known people with orange tabbies that are named Garfield, although they didn't look a goshdarn thing like him. )

Anyway, welcome to the site, dmfeng. Be careful, this place can be addicting!
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