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What a horrible weekend! (illness related--not for those who gross out easily!)

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I woke up Saturday morning at 4 am to throw-up quite badly this went on until 12.30 pm by which time this had happened about 8 times. I could not keep any food or liquid down and worried that I would dehydrate. The thing is this happened once before (three years ago) and waited 2 days to go to hospital and was very dehydrated and ended being very ill for weeks. My husband and I went to A&E and after waiting for an hour I was given medicine by injection to stop the vomiting and nausea. I had an IV needle in my arm in case I needed to be hooked up for fluids. Well I got a really weird side effect to this medication, I could not sit still from 3-4 pm I felt like I was going out of my mind and I wanted to go home so bad. By 3.45 I went to the nurse and asked them to take the needle out, to which I then found out that I was next of the list, so having waited this long I decided to stay. Let me tell you those 15 mins were horrible and I thought I was going nuts. I finally saw the doctor and she gave me some prescription meds and we went home.

This morning my husband wake up with the same thing I am a lot better fortunatly and having been through the same thing know exactly how to look after him.

Anyway can I have some vibes for DH that he feels better?

Thanks you guys!
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Get well vibes to the both of you.
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OMG, I wonder what it was that you got?? That sounds nasty.

Sending vibes for your hubby{{{}}}
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Sounds like a bad virus. We've got the same thing going around here in Canada - I had it New Years week, so know how you and your DH feel! Get better soon, both of you!
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oh my, do you think you´ve both eaten something thats a tad not right

Get Well (((((( vibes )))))) whizzing your way
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Thanks for the vibes everyone!

We both had some turkey cold cuts which DH threw out this morning. They might be the culprit. He is sleeping right now so hopefully he will feel better soon. My illness lasted about 24 hours so hopefully his will be the same and finish quickly.
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Maria, I'm so sorry you and DH got sick, glad you are feeling better though.
Get well-stay well vibes to both of you
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I hope your both feeling better soon!
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I am sending get well hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and your husband, I hope the both of you are feeling better soon.

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Aww thanks you guys! I am feeling a lot better and hopefully DH will be as well. You guys on TCS are really great
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That's too bad, Maria. I hope both you and your husband are feeling much better soon! It sounds like you got the norovirus that is going around:
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Oh, my lord...were you lurking in my house by chance? Last night, we had supper, and I went to bed rather early (couldn't finish my meal...felt wierd), and woke up two hours later with HORRIBLE abdominal cramping, chills, and terrible diarrhea. Everytime I'd sit up or stand, everything would go fuzzy, and I actually felt faint. While sitting on the "throne" ( ), apparently I DID pass out, as I found myself waking up on the floor. DH helped me back into bed, and while I wasn't running a fever, I felt like CRAP!!!! Somewhere along the line, I fell asleep, and for some reason today I'm as good as new...just not planning on eating anything until tonight to be on the safe side.

Anyway, I hope you feel better, and same with your DH...sounds awful!
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We are both a lot better this morning! Thanks for all the vibes!
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