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Feline ultranasal combo vaccines anyone?

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I adminster all cat and kitten combo vaccines for the rescue right now. My only trouble, I am a bit of a wimp. One or two vaccines are no biggie, but when I get a litter of kittens, I need to have a big ole pep talk with myself to "shoot 'em".

I was checking out the Heska ultranasal combos online. No needles, just a dropper to put a bit in each nostril. Sounds WONDERFUL. However, the possible side effects sound a bit scary (nose/mouth ulcers).

Anyone personally, any rescues and/or shelters that have used these out


Anything to watch out for? Any helpful hints? Do you think they give comparable immunity to a "needle vaccine"?

I am going to talk to a few vets I work with on Monday to get their thoughts.
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Our get their combo in the nostrils.
They had no side effects, but!....

Their reaction is much worse than when we just jab them.
My MIL (who works for the vet and comes and does all their vaccs at home except rabies), gets bit by our kits, badly, every time when it comes to giving the nose drops.
They simply do not like it, and I'd imagine the survival instinct also kicks in (liquid in nose means drowning to most animals.).
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I have no experience administering intranasal vaccines myself, but plenty taking cats and kittens in for their inoculations. The cats and kittens find that much more objectionable and stressful than shots. In some cases the vets have to put the drops for, e.g., the FIP vaccine, in the inner corners of the cats' eyes, simply because they're struggling so much. I have given shots, and that's nothing in comparison.
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Intranasal vaccines were discussed not too long ago in this thread

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