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I need a feral prayer if you have one to spare

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last night, my one wanderer Cleo came up to me. He is 10 years old and I rarely do see him. But until now has been the strongest and healthiest of my bunch. I went to pet him and my hand came away wet and smelled nasty. =( He had been in some sort of fight and had a wound on his neck that had abscessed. I picked him up and he was really good while we debreeded it and cleaned it and gave him some antibiotic. I can't keep this guy contained it would stress him out so badly and compromise his immune system which he needs to best this. But in all my years of doctoring wounds this was as bad as I have ever seen. I let him go afterwards so if you could just pray that he comes back home today, tomorrow and the next day so I can get more medicine into him- I would sure appreciate it. We are both keeping our eye out for him, and the cage that has no door that he spends the winter sleeping inside, we put out on the patio last night. He will sleep in that when the weather is nasty- but it is opened on both sides so he knows he can escape easily. It is my custom-made feral cage and the doors have been put aside until I need them.
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Poor Cleo. Of course. I'm sending a prayer right now. I will keep him in my prayers. You've had too much heartbreak recently, Mary Anne. TCS Magic just HAS to work now!
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Of course, we always have prayers and energy to spare for you and your brood. You do so much for so many (cats and us humans on TCS). Cleo is in my thoughts, and I'm sending healing energy to him, as well as "Come Home to Mommy" vibes.
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Count on good thoughts and prayers from me, too! Any news on poor Cleo?
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No- I just went looking for him with no results. I usually see him about 7:00 p.m. when I go to feed the horses, that is, I see him if he is around to see.
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Oh Hissy, I hope that you found him. My best wishes and positive vibes that he gets better very soon. Poor little fur-babe. You are such an angel for taking care of them like that...I really admire you for your knowledge and caring.
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Good thoughts coming from Ohio for Cleo....Come Home!
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We're praying for Cleo (and you, too) as well. I'm so hoping he comes home so you can give him the medicine he needs. You are a true to care so much about all those cats in need as well as all the people here who you've helped. I wish some of that luck back to you. You deserve it.

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I just now read your post about poor Cleo. (My network crashed yesterday afternoon.) I am sending all of my get healthy and come home thoughts right away.
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Cleo, I have until 10:00pm (EST) for my prayers to work (Hissy - you're on the West Coast, right?). Cleo, please come home so Mary Anne can help you heal. You're her rock, and she needs and loves you. She can help you. Please let her.

With love and hugs and concern,

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I just saw this now as well. Hissy - I am PRAYING HARD that your boy comes back for his care!!!
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I hope you have found your kitty by now Hissy. I am worried and sending nothing but be safe vibes from here in COLDDDDD Iowa.
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Thanks everyone, but so far no Cleo. I can only commit his safety to God as I have no idea where he hangs out when he isn't here.
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Keeping Cleo in my prayers.
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Hissy, any updates?
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His neck is all sealed up and healed well. He appears to not have much of an appetite, though he is of good weight and allowed me to pick him up and pet him and love on him. I checked his mouth looking for problems and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. But just to be safe, I gave him more antibiotic before releasing him. Thanks for your prayers guys- they worked!
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that's great! I'm glad that he came home and seems to be doing well.
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{Phew!} Sigh of relief. I couldn't be more pleased. There has been so much sadness in your home recently, it just HAD to be your turn for some happiness.

Thank you God, The Universe, The Angels and all!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you and Cleo. He definitely knows where he's got it good and who loves him no matter what. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing and I'm so happy it worked out okay. I only hope he gets his appetite back again soon.

You truly are an angel!

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