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Help me, I'm a confused mommy

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Hi there,

I'm new to this site and have learned a whole lot from the forums, especially the whole Canned Cat Food debate. Now here's my issue, and would great appreciate ANY input or opinions.

My baby is an indoor only kitty that just turned 1 year old and we've only had him for about 6 months.

He's consistently had diarrhea problems. Now I've taken him to the vet who is helping me to try to pin point the problem says that kitty is completely healthy and normal aside for his diarrhea problem. Right now the kitty is on flagyl to help the diarrhea and hopefully get rid of the buggies that could be in his system. The vet said that diarrhea is terribly hard to diagnose since there are a million reasons he could have it, but he told me not to worry to much because kitty is young, healthy and active...poop issues aside.

Now that he's an adult cat I would like to find a brand of cat food to stick with...I assume that kitty just has food intolerances issues which is the root of his poop problems. When we first got him, we fed him Fancy Feast and Iams and Royal Canin dry. We switched to Nutro (advice of a good friend that thought it might help his tummy and runny poops) and he'd eat it but very half heartedly...we threw out a lot of it.

The other day I ran out of Nutro so I ran to the local supermarket to grab some food...I grab Fancy Feast...gave it to him and he gobbled it up as if there was no tomorrow....he even cleaned the plate he never does that. But now I'm stuck...should I feed him Nutro which is really good and healthy food no by-products and all or should I just go the Fancy Feast route since he eats it all. I'm torn with "should I feed him what he likes or what is good for him."

I guess I read too many articles about what "by-products" are and now I can make a decision. The hubby says feed him Fancy Feast because he eats it, and heck we eat hot dogs so that can't be that much better. But at the same time I would like to keep him on Nutro brand cans (especially since they seem to make his fur all nice and it's healthier and claims to be easy on the tummy). BUt it sucks to waste food too.

I also am unsure of the whole thing that I heard about things like beef and fish being to hard to digest.

What would you do?? Among not so premium cat food...is Fancy Feast that bad...plus in some places it costs almost as much as Nutro and other premium brands.

ANY help or thoughts would be much appreciated. The hubby is like most and leaves it to me to make the choice.

Thank you so much and I apologize for the lengthiness of this post.
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I did the whole research thing on food for my kittens and I decided to go with Science Diet dry food. I believe the dry is just overall better for the kittens. This is just my opinion however. It's also more convienent on me.
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Any time you keep switching foods on your cat, the cat is liable to develop problems including stomach upset and diarrhea. I would choose one food that you and your vet agree is best for your cat- such as Royal Canin dry and stick to it. If all the tests have been run to try and nail down the cause of the diarrhea and after you keep kitty on the same food and she still has loose stools, you may want to go to a health food store and ask for a small bottle of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) add a few drops to kitties wet food, or water once a day and see if that doesn't work. Get it in liquid form and don't give more than 2 drops per day. Good luck.
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When I first brought Tiri home, she had a lot of problems with diarrhea. It took me nearly 2 months to figure out the right combination of food for her.

For dry, I give her a mix of Nutro Natural Choice and Royal Canin. For moist, she gets Felidae and Wellness.

Fancy Feast is kitty junk food. They all seem to love it just like kids love candy. Many people keep a can or two of FF in case kitty gets sick and goes off her food. The FF often entices them into eating and getting better.
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