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Our "zoo" just got bigger,,

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Yvonne adopted this walking dust mop earlier today He is a Lassa mixed with tarrier [sp?] they think, he is about 4 years old they also think. Yvonne had a Lassa Opso [sp?] when I first met her named Teddy, she had to have him "put to sleep" a few years back because of problems with old age.

She found out about this dog while in her office at work and went to see him, he liked her allot right away and she misses Teddy so she adopted him. He came from a house that the so called people moved out of and left something like 20 cats and dogs behind. His name the shelter gave him was Thor but Yvonne renamed him Willy or Willie, I don't know how she spells it. He seems like a nice dog and has no problem with all the cats and our other dog.

Yvonne had to take our other dog with her to the shelter so they could see if they would get along together before she could adopt him. I knew Kelsey wouldn't have a problem, she is real friendly to other animals unless the other animal gives her a reason not to like them. But I think Kelsey is sad because now she has more competition for attention here.

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Congrats on the new doggy, what a cutie awe he is so lucky of to have found u guys Im glad everyone gets along great too, thats a plus
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Awww, shes cute Glad she adopted you guys...hehe.
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He is adorable. Congrats.
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Awww! What a cutie! Congrats!
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Congratulations on your new puppy, he is a very pretty dog.

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aww......fluffy pooches are soooo cute..........I think you should call him Willy, maybe spelt the German way

Glad all the other members of the 'zoo' get on with him
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Awww what a cutie and now you have a cleaning assistant
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He looks and sounds adorable. Congrats on adopting him, I'm sure he'll fit right in and be a good buddy to Kelsey.
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For some reason Willy won't go up or down the front porch steps or even out the door because there is a drop off. He won't even jump off the bed and it is not that tall. Yvonne has to put on his leash and pick him up and carry him outside, then he will do fine once he is on the ground again.

He doesn't move around the house to much either, but when he does walk around he seems fine and don't seem to be in any kind of pain or have stiff joints. I guess he needs to be seen by our vet for a good checkup.
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awww what a cutie!!!!
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Ive never kept a dog, is it good? I've only had gerbils, tropical fish, rabbits and wild animals (like squirrels) all together in the past, when we had a big garden. And of course a cat, at all times.
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Willy had a hair cut yesterday, I didn't recognize him when he came home. No wonder he moved so slow, he must have had 10 lbs of hair on him. Dogs are great pets also, but they are totally different to take care of, They need allot more attention and time together with there owners than cats do. At least our Kelsey does, she gets very sad if I give attention to the cats and not as much to her. I don't think Kelsey likes having Willy here because Yvonne spends most of her free time with Willy so it is just more competition for Kelsey to get attention.

Some times I wonder if Kelsey would ever get upset enough to hurt one of the cats. I have seen her go after Angel when Angel bothers her while she is trying to sleep. I think that little snot Angel does it on purpose because she is bored to cause trouble. Kelsy is way to big and getting slower as she gets older to catch Angel when she goes after her.
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What a gorgeous puppa-wuppa!! I have a Lhasa Apso too (see sig) they're not the dog for everyone, but I love my boy!
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Willy went into the vet for a checkup today, The place we got him from will pay for it but not any kind of tests or treatments. Well he has some problems, looks like he has a ear infection, he was treated before for an eye ulcer, vet wants to do a test to make sure it is not still an active ulcer, his teeth and mouth are in bad shape, She also wants to do blood work before he gets neutered. They were way to busy today and the appointment was not long enough for them to do any of the tests so the little guy has to go back on Friday for a bunch of tests.

They were swamped because the vet that did so much for Tuffy is on vacation because she just got married so I think they are short handed right now.

Here is a picture of Willy after his hair cut. You can see how goofy his right eye looks and how dirty or dining room carpet is LOL.
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HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!! yeah, Lhasas have a tendency for ear infections, and eye problems, I'm very lucky that Vino has neither, but he does need a dental, his bottom teeth stick out and they are a bit dirty, hope you can get all of Willie's problems fixed up!
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Hi, I wish there was a way I could show it on here but Cozmo and Willy chase each other around the house, the kitchen has vinyl floor and the hall has the fake hardwood stuff and the back room vinyl. All you hear is claws scratching as they try to outrun each other Cozmo does a little better with his sharp claws but Willy skates around like he is on ice They both stand up on there back legs like they are boxing till one takes off then the other chases, then they turn around and and reverse on who runs and who chases, it is so funny to watch.

The other cats don't seem to like Willy much but Cozmo seems to have a new friend.
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Willy went in to get neutered and have his teeth/gums checked out and fixed up today. They had to remove two teeth and give him a good cleaning, so Willy is not feeling so good tonight. We have to give him pain pills and a antibiotic for his mouth.

We figured since we knew he had teeth troubles that doing his teeth since he was out for the neuter operation made sense, to bad he had to loose 2 teeth though. I am sure he will feel much better when he is healed up.

Now that we have had him for a while I am figuring out that he thinks he is more cat than dog He plays with Cozmo all the time and plays with the cat toys more than the dog toys he has. We can't leave any paper laying where he can reach it because he will tear it up into little pieces and have it all over the floor.
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Speedy recovery Willy, I am so sorry that you had to lose 2 teefers..He will probably feel much better after healing.
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I hope this finds Willy recovering and feeling better.

He sure is a cutie
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How's Willy feeling today, Tom? He's such a little cutie.
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He sure is a cutie. I'm glad he's made such good friends with Cozmo.
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that's so great that Willie and Cozmo are friends! Vino just ignores the cats for thre most part, but my Aunt's puppy who is a Lashon, Lhasa Bichon mix and her kitty are really good pals too. Hope Willie's feeling better today!
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Congrats on the new dog. He's a cutie pie. Looks alot like my cousin's dog.
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Willy acted like he didn't feel to good for a couple days but is back to himself again now. Yvonne can get his antibiotic in him but he won't take the pain meds so she gave up on the pain meds, He seems to be doing good without them now any way.
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