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The cat trees came

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hi everyone well the cat trees came yesterday(friday) so me and my mom did our thing and built both of them in under an hours time, not bad huh but anyways the cats LOVE them, Willie feels like he is the official KING now, and well Stormie I actually had to put on it and well she hardly leaves it Bella is getting used to it now, I also i had to introduce her to it but o my all the cats are loving them, I did take some pictures but my camera died so I have to wait to get batteries in order to upload them I took so many pictures But these are the ones we did get

my mom got this one and its in the living room

and this is the one i got for my two for my room which everyone comes and uses my mom woke me up and out of the 6 cats 4 were in here this morning

But stormie feels like the queen on hers shes always at the top but i am going to search for some batteries so hopefully i find them
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Ok I got the camera situated long enough to upload photos so I have to go ahead now and upload them to photobucket and then there will be a thread in fur pictures of all the kits and the trees, alos when willie was on his in the livingroom jasmine (our big lab) was so upset by this she sat and looked up at him and cried and cried it was soo cute i guess shes sad she cant bug him all the way up there
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nice! I hope they enjoy them! (be sure to secure them to the wall if they are too tall so they don't tip over)
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Wow! Those are great. All cats will have a romping good time and contented snoozing!
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The kits are going to LOVE those
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Those are really nice trees! No wonder the kitties love them!
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