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Kitten not herself

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I'm so worried about my kitten, Callie. We have 2 new kittens on the house. Skit is a polydactl maine coon and Callie is a calico. Callie is usually very playful and always zooming all over the house. Lately all she does is sleep or hide from us. She will also come up to us at times and instead of her usual head butting or biting she just meows at us and puts her paw lightly on a foot or leg to get attention.

She squints a lot and doesn't like her eye to be touched. Usually she goes crazy for toys but now she wants to play but either doesn't have the energy for it or has trouble playing (like mayber her eyes?). She just isn't herself and I'm sick with worry

Normally Skit's the sickly one so we're so surprised. Skit's had Giardia and always has horrible gas (we've tried changing foods). Callie is a lot smaller than her and she did get behind the water heater in the garage the other day (we keep her out of there for that reason). She also tends to pick a little too much on my cat, Sarah, and so I hope she didn't hurt poor Callie.

We're going to the vet Mon, but does anyone have any idea why she is acting this way?
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I'm don't have any advice to offer, I'm not sure what could be wrong, but I think it's a good idea that you are taking her to the vet. Keep us updated
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Is she eating OK, drinking OK, pottying OK? Are her eyes running, is her nose running, is she sneezing, coughing?
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It is good you are taking her to the vet, any sudden change in behavior is good cause for a check up. Hope Callie is ok
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