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Breed Standards

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Well, I was just looking at my 3 mo kittens today trying to be subjective and determining how exactly the show kits are show-able. I had the breed standards open and was going from kitten to book.

As a breeder, I do know which ones are show-able and which are not...

But, I am failing at being subjective! They are all gorgeous to me!

So, breeders/exhibitors everywhere... how show-able do you think your cats really are? 60, 70, 80% or the breed standards?

Have you even met a cat that to your mind comes even close to 80% of the breed standard???

Just wanting to start an open discussion!
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Wow, what a question - never really stopped to think about it. I know that I would always be hanging out in the rings (kittens/adults) and listening to the judges as to what they felt was the "outstanding" qualities and what to look for.

For some reason, most of my rexes I could almost tell type from about a week old! Only a few ended up not what I thought as far as pet/show quality. Plus I'd take lots of pictures at born, 1 month, 2 months, etc. for comparison.

I guess you look for what the standard calls for as far as most important and work from there. Plus you have to know your lines. I knew the faults (Spooky's ears were a bit too wide on his head, but he had excellant/outstanding coat (which is the most important on a rex) and excellant body/legs/tails. His faults were mainly on head (which is 3rd most important).

With abys you want color/ticking, no barring as most important - head/ears/body as 2nd. You'll always find something wrong with parts - many breeders/judges say "I like the body on this one, head on this one, etc." and want to mix/match for that perfect cat

If you want, post a group picture of your kits and I'll look at them and pick out typest I'm pretty good at judging them

Most of my cats were 80% or better. With the competition you really want the best you can show
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I wasn't really talking about Aby's in particular - just cat breeds.

And I can pick out from the 2 show-able ones which will do better in the show rings.

And I can safely say that Dodo, for example is about 75% of the breed standard which is why she is more breeder than show, at least to me!

Most of us who breed/show do get what the judges are looking for - even with breeds that are not our chosen one. I can usually pick out the pick of the litter in Persians (Bi-colour/Calico in particular) and Maine Coons simply because I am more exposed to them.

GK, you say that your rexes were about 80% of the standard or better . To me as a new-ish breeder, that is an awesome statement! I would love to be able to consistantly produce 80% or better - something like Dotdotdot's Nancy does!

OK so now, we have established a benchmark. 80% of the breed standard can be bred.

Do you think we would ever be able to produce the ultimate cat per breed standards or is it just a subjective matter per the breeders/judges?
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I don't think a 100% perfect cat has or will exist. There are too many variables in the gene mix. You can come close, but that's what breeding is all about - the elusive perfect cat of breed

I think good breeders strive for better health and closer to the standard. You also want to breed better. If your goal is not to better the breed, then you shouldn't be breeding!

I know a few catteries (in other breeds) that I can tell you "that's a so-in-so cat" - you can tell by the consistant type.
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