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Thursday DT

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Good morning all. It is a crisp fall day here in Colorado. It is supposed to reach maybe 50 today, and it was downright cold last night. But I'm happy because this means I can break out the sweaters again! I have a ton of sweaters, and hubby has put a ban on me getting any more. I just love them.

I am so irritated with my supervisor today. She's the bookkeeper, so I understand that this has been a very taxing week for her, with fiscal year end and all. Today, though, something must have died in her Wheaties. When I give her requests for checks, I have to give her the form and write down on a sticky note the amount and who to write the check to. I get back one form today, she completely disregarded my sticky note and apparently didn't read the clear instructions on the form as to who to make the check payable to. She found some other name and address (it was supposed to be to the State Board of Engineers, she made it to Secretary of State). I pointed this out to her, and she said, "Well, I'm not changing it. They'll have to take it." So tell me again why I have to write anything down? Besides, she makes sure I know if I put a comma in the wrong place, and I have to go back and change any little error I make. Grrrr. It's not that I have to correct my mistakes, I understand that. It was the whole attitude that she will not change any mistakes she makes. And she says she wants consistency. Whatever.

OK, well, thanks for letting me rant. I feel better now.
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Well, it's blechy and overcast here in Cleveland. Fall will be here soon (hopefully), but we will have to get through what is left of Hurricaine Lili first.

A cold has been going around here at work, and it's my turn to host it. So, Tylenol Cold has become my new best friend and my concentration is off wandering somewhere. Luckily, I'm taking tomorrow off. I have to take Ivo for her yearly exam and shots, and I'm meeting my co-workers for lunch. After that, I plan on sleeping as much as possible!

Have a good day, everyone.

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Heidi, one of the things I'm obsessed with is not being a hypocrite. I HATE it when people are like that!!!! I agree - GGgggrrrrrr.

Christy - GET BETTER. I'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with posting in this thread! Think I should put on latex gloves?

Hope everyone who's been sick is feeling better, or, if not, at least giving themselves a break and getting some rest!!!!
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Heidi, your supervisor sounds like a real pain! I think something did more than die in her wheaties. :laughing2

Christy! Get to feeling better soon!!!!!

Nasty day here in Iowa...cloudy, cold, wet etc. Just very gloomy. (matches my mood)
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I feel guilty; the weather is great in PA. But please don't hope for cold weather. I can't take it! Get well, Christy.

Heidi, there are people who just have to be right, regardless! She mustn't have much self confidence. Many power hungry people are like that. It's just too bad they get into supervisory positions. Commas in the wrong place? Don't you wish you could show her your degree in English and ask to see hers? (only in our dreams! We need the paychecks.)
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Heidi...I think a prerequisite to being a supervisor is also being an a$$hole sometimes!

Christy...get well!

Nice weather here in DE today...about 82 and sunny...but low humidity. Work is terribly busy right now. There are 3 engineers assigned to my current project (myself and 2 guys). Well the 2 guys are both in class this week...so guess who gets to do all the work while they are gone? And there is so much remediation work to do that I can't keep up with tasks assigned to progress in the project!

Outside of work it's been a good week so far. Yesterday was Mike's birthday and we went to dinner with his Dad and stepmom and then went back to their house for cake and stuff. Had a good time! Stayed up too late and was a little late for work this morning. But hey...1/2 hour late is better than not at all and since I am doing the work of 3 people...I deserve compensation...right?

Jeffie Gordon won the race at Kansas on Sunday (WOOHOO!) and my number two boy...Jimmie Johnson is now the NWCS points leader! First time ever that a rookie has held the points lead! Who da man???

Talked to a friend today whom I haven't spoken to in quite a while. She and I were on the outs for a while because of ridiculous reasons and she gets mad so easily...but we finally talked today and worked it out. Am happy about that!

Got 3rd season of Sopranos from my friend at work today so I'll have plenty of good stuff to watch on TV for the next several nights. Of course tonight is already spoken for with Friends, Scrubs, Will & Grace, Good Morning, Miami and ER. Whew! I'm tired already!

Hope everyone has a pleasant evening...
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I was soooo busy today, I couldn't get my "catsite" fix!!!
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In late, again. Worked a 10-hour day, after closing last night. I am beat! Bill called in an order to the take-out place across the street from work and I picked it up. We're both too tired to cook, tonught!

Got my award letter from the VA yesterday. I should have a check, within two weeks. My benefits are retroactive to June 1, to the tune of about $4700. With the VA checks and my alimony, I will be able to quit my job, by Nov. 1!!!!! No more stupid customers and anal retentive bosses! Bill has a line on a part-time job, running parts and I can start school in the spring.

I'm using part of the retro check to take us on a vacation, though. Things are, definetely, looking up.
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Heidi, don't worry, everyone rants about their supervisors from time to time. It's their inability to acknowledge the actual events within their respective companies that causes so much frustration. I've come up with a theory. Since the top managers and what not get to pick whoever replaces, they're probably going to pick someone who isn't qualified as they are or lack some of the required skills so everyone goes around saying "Gosh I wish Bill was still here, things used to be sooooooo much better" and eventually that trickles down and the whole comapny deteriorates even though there are still good people working for them.

Man....I'm feeling guilty now.....where's that paper bag.......I feel healthy and the weather here is going to reach around 35 C which I think is somewhere around the 90 F mark so I can definitely wear my summer gear. Don't ask me why I'm not at the beach or outside cos I don't know the answer to that one.

I hope everyone who feels ill or has the disposition to curl up in bed permanently feels better soon.
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