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Anyone watch Jericho?

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Who else is waiting for it's return on the 21st.

I'm counting down the days. I don't know what it is about this show that I absolutely love.

the only problem with it is that Wednesday nights are crazy for the tv. But with lost now on at a different time, it makes things a whole lot easier.
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Is this on at 9pm?
I hate the show but DH loves it. I find it moves too slow.
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Watched the first three and lost interest, sorry
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I watch this show and am also excited for its return!
It seems to be a love it or hate it show. I only know 1 other person (from another online forum actually) that watches it LOL
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and also waiting for it's return. In fact there is an article about it in the new TV guide which I will read. I think it's a really good show altho it keeps you in the dark, I want to know all the answers It sure is a lot like Lost which I am also a hugh fan of, that also keeps you in the dark. I guess that's what makes us fan keep coming back. Well let's see what happens.
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Yay. Fans

I actually got some people addicted to this show after making them watch the episodes online.

It's on at 8pm on CBS I think.
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i can't wait. i got hooked on it.
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Is it in it's first season or can you rent it?
What is it about?
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I watch it... gotta love Skeet!
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Originally Posted by Fred&Nermal View Post
Is it in it's first season or can you rent it?
What is it about?
Bombs are dropped in different cities. The show takes place in a small southern(?) town and they are trying to figure out if they are the only ones(they aren't) & who is behind the bombings.
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It takes place in a small town in Kansas - closer to the Colorado side of that state I believe. At first I was concerned it was a cheesy show, but the mystery is pretty good - not as good as LOST IMHO, but good enough to tune in each week!
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I find it funny that they film it in Vancouver.

Pretty much the show is about what has already been said. The new eppie is I think #11.
They aren't available to buy or rent yet. But CBS has the episodes online for US citizens. Also the episodes are all on youtube.
is the user who has them uploaded. And it is legal on youtube as CBS is one of the few networks that allows their footage to be uploaded.

I am currently rewatching all the episodes on youtube.
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Watched the recap episode tonight.

it showed like a 2 minute long promo for the upcoming episodes (we are going to have 11 eppies in a row!!) and it looked so awesome!
I can't wait for next wednesday!

PS, I think I need to get a life.
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