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Cutting Teeth

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At what age do kittens cut teeth and what are the signs?
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A cat has 26 baby teeth which they get at 4 weeks of age and 30 permanent teeth which start coming in at 11 weeks. At 30 weeks, (little over 6mo.) cat should have all adult teeth.
From this link at (Yahoo answers).

You can often find the tooth that came out, but just as often they swallow them when eating or something. The signs are wanting to chew, bite and nip, and if your kitten is 3 months old, he's probably teething and will do so for a few months.

Get lots of bendy straws and scatter them around the house. These make GREAT chew toys for teething kitties - they can't bite clumps of plastic off that could choke them. Just make sure you toss any pretty chewed up straws.

Also, when they nip or bite, blow a short, sharp puff of air in their face. Hiss if you need to. Then COMPLETELY ignore them. They have to learn that biting people is NOT OK and does NOT get them attention. Give them a bendy straw. The point is to teach them that they can't nip or chew on people, but there are things they can chew and bite.

They also sell "teething" toys for cats at a lot of pet stores. You can try those.

If they bite on cords, best to get cord covers or bitter apple and coat them. Some cats are deterred by lemon-scented air freshener being sprayed on them.

Also make sure that any drapery cords or cords for blinds are not accessible to kitty. We bought those little hooks you screw to the window frame and wrap the extra cord up tight in a figure-eight with no loose ends hanging.

Hope this helps,

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Saki cut his teeth around 5 months. Same with my neighbors kitten

*edit oh I though you meant what age do they lose them. *nevermind*
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Usually they will eat more dry food, if you provide it and the teeth get swallowed. it takes around 6 or 7 months for a cat to grow in all of his/her adult teeth, sometimes shorter sometimes longer. Also when the adult canines come in you need to get them fixed if you haven't already done so.
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Originally Posted by b842001 View Post
At what age do kittens cut teeth and what are the signs?
Now this is amazing.. that was my next question.. Milly chews on my pinky and let me tell you she ain't got no teeth, yet feels like a small steak knife blade..
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