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Sixkitties, I totally agree with you!!! Josh is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so is Keanu, thanks Leslie!!!!

Wow, all these hotties, how will I ever sleep tonight? I guess I will have sweet dreams!
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I hope you all know what a CHORE this is for me... I mean, I am at work y'know!! Still, I do my duties....:laughing:

*drool drool drool*

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OK - I can't post pics from work, but count me in for The guys who play Clark Kent and Lex Luthor on Smallville!
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We're getting pretty wholesome, here. Where are all those bad boys? Here's one. I've been in love with Tommy Lee since Jr. High. He still looks good at 40 - just turned 40 yesterday. No, I wasn't obsessed or anything. Just know his birthday, real name, place of birth, siblings..... :laughing:

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Alright, I SOMEWHAT agree with the Tommy Lee thing. The whole "I beat my wife" stuff is pretty much a turnoff, though. I bet he wouldn't like cats! (Also a turnoff). The wholesome guys must love cats, although sometimes, they are dog people.
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Not that I'm defending anyone who would actually beat their wife, but I'm not 100% convinced by Pamela. I mean, if he was seriously abusive, would he have gotten joint-custody of their 2 boys? I just saw a show on him on VH1, and he is really a great Daddy. You can tell by how his boys reacted to him.

Tommy's not the smartest guy on the planet, but he is hot, hot, hot!
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Dear god. John Rzeznik. He is so gosh darn yummy to me.

If any of you don't know he is the front man for The Goo Goo Dolls.


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When I have more time I will have to find a pic of another of my favorites...Brad Pitt!!!! (unless Rhea can find one for me!! )
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I know he was already put up, but I love this pic of him

What a hottie!
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For all you Smallville fans


Great picture of David Duchovny, he is so very fine!
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The Incomparable Mr. Darcy (aka Colin Firth)

I understand Bridget Jones' obsession with him.
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Another good looking Brit
as Mr. Knightley in Emma

Jeremy Northam
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But wait, there's more. I have to do this when my S/O isn't home.

The English Patient

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Why do some of the pics I linked to show up, then turn to red Xs? It's very annoying!
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OK, I had to add one more....

Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown from CSI)...

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How fun is this!?
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This is lots of fun. Sixkitties, Josh is a cutie, but Ben Affleck ugly?! Maybe you should look at him again.

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Here's man I've been in love with since 7th grade.

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It's almost a crime for a man to look this good.

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Ooooh, Harrison Ford! Yup. He's just too adorable for words.

I am sooo disappointed that of all people, Jeff24Girl didn't post a picture of the most adorable man in NASCAR! Come on! Where's Jeff??? Here's the 2nd most adorable man in NASCAR, Jimmie!
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Brenda!!! What IS that guy's name?? The last one you posted. I just think he is soooo sexy and he was in the movie "Frailty" I just watched recently, it was a great movie, and plus I got to look at him the whole time!!!! (the other guy in the movie who played the father was pretty sexy, too!!!)
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Debby, That is Matthew McConaughey. He was also in A Time to Kill and U-571, among some other movies. He is amazing, isn't he? I think it was Bill Paxton or Will Patton in Frailty with him. I always get those guys mixed up.
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Thanks!! I think it was Bill Paxton who was in Frailty with him, that rings a bell.
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Yup, that was him...here he is!

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And one of Matthew....gosh, with these two guys in it, no wonder I loved that movie!!!

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Ok Trading Spaces fans

Ty is one hot carpenter!
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here's my favorite man...
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Myste!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! Shaun is to sexy for words.......now what other old bugger could possibly be that sexy I ask you? AND!!!! A Scottish accent to boot. He can park his kilt in my bedroom any day *sigh*
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Here is one older man, IMHO, who is just as sexy as Sean (and a great accent, too!)...

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Nuh!!!! His ears are too pointy for me LOL.
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