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heidi , are my pics coming up as X'S? That is a good pic you found too!
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They are for me, but apparently others can still see them. If I go to the properties of the pic, then go to the site you got it from, then it comes up just fine. Strange, very strange... (I like that last pic you posted of him. It shows so much personality!)
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I've had a crush on this man since I was in high school.

I've been seeing 7CC's pics by doing the same thing as posting them here-right click on the X, copy the URL and paste into my browser.
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I'm with Heidi...Viggo is a hottie!!

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One more guy I drool over!!!!!

Eric Roberts!!!

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Okay, Okay....just one more!! I am totally addicted to "As The World Turns" and this guy plays Mike Kasnoff....his real name is
Mark Collier....I think he is simply gorgeous!!! *drool*

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I watch All my Children, and this guy Aiden is soooooooooooo awesome. And he is British with a terrific accent!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ahhhhhh, one more hottie from All my children. And you ask me WHY I watch??????????????????????????.:tounge2:

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And he's all Canadian.........he's all mine! No cross border shopping allowed girls!

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Meant the pic of the "chest" from All My Children!
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Trying Heidi's suggestion. . . I hope it works
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Just one more of Bono--for now.

Okeefecl--That is a great picture of Sting. Another hot rock star.
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Here's another of mine...Joaquin Phoenix. I especially liked him in 8MM, but I'll spare y'all the blue hair.

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One more from me. I'm incorrigible, aren't I?

My all time lust-of-my-life...Trent Reznor.

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MMMMM...I was waiting for that Heidi

Anyone got a good pic of Spike from Buffy? Whats his real name again? James something? Hes a Spike to me, so I don't know it :laughing:
That accent makes me weak in the knees...
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I was leaving him for you to post Melissa. Gosh, just look at those lips! What woman wouldn't love Trent?
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The Sexiest Man Alive...IMHO

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For Melissa, I present James Marsters....

I am having WAY too much fun with this. Then again, it's about all I can handle on cold medicine. Maybe good dreams tonight will help me feel better?
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My Gosh, you could cut yourself on those cheekbones! Be careful there, ladies!
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Another classic, David Duchovny....
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I'm taking this over, aren't I?

One more, Chow Yun-Fat...
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Hey can someone get my picture of Vin in the shower onto this thread please???? Now I'm gonna enjoy this!! Drool hehehehehhee!!!

Need I say more!!!!!!!!
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I'm in heaven................
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Damn he is sooooooo fine!!!
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And Vin Baby!!!
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I leave you ladies ALONE for one day..... and the place to the dogs...
(no pun intended!)

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Thanks for the pic of Keanu in leather pants. I never thought he was all that, until the Matrix when he wore a pair. A good looking man in leather pants...I'll go to the end of the world!
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okeefecl Ahhhhhh!!!! you are welcome *sigh* me too!!!

Lhezzza I'm sorry :-( they made me do it!!!!! I won't do it again!
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I still cannot believe that you have failed to notice the most attractive twenty-something year old on the planet: Josh Hartnett!
Go watch "Pearl Harbor" people! Wow! He beats that ugly old Ben Affleck any day.

Hartnett is second only to my fiancee, whose picture I am most likely not going to be allowed to post here.
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