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The last time I saw Robbie Williams was when I was in NZ, I dont know what he looks like now, there hasnt been anything about him around here, I guess he doesnt have a big US audience, well not at least in this side of the mountains.
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OK ladies get ready! Here is is my boyfriend! (his hair is tied back because he's at work)
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Nenners...good lookin' guy ya got there! I just love looking through this thread...and Kassandra!!! loved the pic of the two at lunch!!! MMMMMM-HMMMM!! Now there's a twosome!!!!
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need I say anymore?
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There's a guy who plays for the Fremantle Dockers, the Aussie Rules team I support, who can park his slippers under my bed ANY time he likes! He's Aboriginal and I reckon he's got the most open, lovely face. His bod's not bad either! His name is Steven Koops and he wears no. 28.

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WHat about this one, from NYPD Blue?

Esai Morales - the same guy that played Richie Valen's brother in La Bamba!
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Their shavers broke I see Designer stubble my pineapples, they're too lazy to shave :tounge2:
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Isn't facial hair supposed to make a guy sexier?
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LOL, I think in some cases it does. The last 3 men, it looked good because their skin is darker, and it suits them a lot better
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Some guys look great a bit scruffy - but it IS scratchy! I don't remember the movie, but I remember Richard Gere started the look sometime in the early 90s... Gary (hubby) did the biker boot, long black coat, scruffy thing for a while, and I sure thought he was to die for! But, like I said, it IS scratchy!!!!

I'm going to give this a try. I'm taking us back to the bald guys. Gary and I watched Apocalypse Now last night (after Torah! Torah! Torah! - it was Pearl Harbor Day, after all). ...and Robert Duvall is just so HOT as Kilgore.... I'm probably just as attracted to the self-confidence of the character...nonetheless...

This isn't such a great pic (if the link works), but it's the only one I could find.

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Just had to share my favorite guy for ya...Dale Earnhardt Jr!!!
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Darn It! I just found a better picture of Jr right after I posted the first one! Sorry...I've just gotta post the other one! Isn't he a hottie or what???:tounge2:
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"I love the smell of napalm in the morning." (One of the few things I remember from Apocalypse Now)

Duvall is pretty good looking in that picture, he wasn't bad in the Godfather, either. Come to think of it Al Pacino was looking pretty good then, too.

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Sorry to bring this topic up AGAIN, but I was looking thru Ebay for Dukes of Hazzard stuff (I am addicted to it) and I thought to myself, what about John Schneider (AKA Bo Duke) - I have had a crush on him since I was knee high to a grasshopper and I still do. He may look older now but he still looks darn fine. He is now on Smallville.
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Sorry to bring this topic up AGAIN

No need to apologize. For one thing, I know I appreciate eye candy whenever I can get it!
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I think I've mentioned my little obsession with the band U2 and with Bono, the singer. I have been a fan for almost 20 years now. At first, I wasn't all that into Bono, I thought he was just ok to look at. Then I saw some concert footage, and I realized how amazing he is. Now I think he is one of the hottest men on the planet. (Shh don't tell Dan, he's already jealous )

I also think his commitment to helping people is refreshing. Did anyone catch him on Oprah or Larry King?

Doing what he does best.
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Kiwi! I too loved the Dukes of Hazzard! I always thought Bo was hot! I haven't seen him for years, he is still sexy, but he looks so different to me, I would never have recognized him!

Brenda, I love the song by U2, "Mysterious Ways" That's my favorite one of theirs....."it's alright, it's alright...she moves in mysterious ways...." now I will have that song running through my head all night! :tounge2:
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You can see Bo Duke on Smallville every Tuesday night at 9pm, he plays Clark Kent's father. Still a hunka hunka burning love!
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