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Calling All Ladies Pt. 2

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Well, the consensus seems to be that we need a thread for eye candy. So here it is! Thanks Melissa for starting the first one that we all fondly remember.

Just post a pic of your favorite hotty (or more than one), so we can all ooh and aawww over them. If you are having problems finding pics of an actor, or from a certain movie, may I suggest www.imdb.com. It is a huge database of all things related to movies, and it does allow remote linking for pics.

OK, on with the show!
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As you all probably know by now, my hotty of the moment is Viggo Mortenson.
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Ah I can never resist posting a pic of Mr Ledger...

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How do I do this? I found a pic on IMDB, copied the address and posted it in the IMG code/button/thingie, but all I got was the address in my post? HELP!
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Hmm should work.... make sure you have the WHOLE addy in the IMG thingies, and make sure the pic has its own URL if its just on a page with loads of othere stuff I don't think it works... if you post the link I'll have a go for you??
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Thanks Bod. I think the problem was that there was a whole lot of other stuff on the page. I'll try again.
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OK, it must be all the cold medicine I'm taking, but I'm really having a stupid moment. The pic I want is on IMDB, but I can't find it without all the text junk. How do I get it without all the text?
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YOu can only get the pic on its own if the website has been designed like that, if not, you can try cutting and pasting the pic into Powerpoint or somewhere (making sure you save it as a jpeg or gif) and make sure its small enough and post it like that.
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Who is the pic of by the way??
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Christy, to post a pic from IMDB (or any other website), right click on the pic and go to Properties. Copy the URL in the Properties box by Address, then paste that into the IMG box here. That will bring up just the pic.
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Heidi!! Now I look stupid!! :laughing2 (don't worry, I'm used to ti!! :LOL: ) Glad SOMEONE knows what they are talking about!!
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OK, keeping my fingers crossed....

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Oh, yeah! Thanks, Heidi and Bod. I've been wanting to learn how to do this for months!

Now for another! My favorite Scot:

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Glad I could be of some "assitance" :LOL: NOT!!!! Glad you got it right though!!1 (I don't know how I manage to post pics, cos I always tell everyone the wrong thing!??!!? :laughing2: :laughing2)
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Ok I have another bloke to post!! ( Not that I'm enjoying this or anything....haha)

I have no idea what this guys real name is, but he playes "Drazic" in Heartbreak High (yes you Aussies better know what that is!!)

*drroooooll* *slobber* *pant*

By the way - How DARE they stop this show in the UK!!! I protest!!! I NEED to see this man on TV regularly!!!
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Now I know how to do this....

Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff, from Blade....

Is there any way to make these small thumbnails any bigger without Photoshop? I don't have that here on my computer.
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Christy, I totally agree on Orlando Bloom, especially with that long blonde hair as Legolas. *drool*

Gotta add...Antonio Banderas. I really loved him in Desperado, but he looks good no matter what. And that Spanish accent is to die for!

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If you are getting them from IMDB, just click on the pic and generally it brings up the bigger photo.
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OK, here's one of Orlando Bloom as a human

In general,I think most men with long hair look a little, oh I don't know, silly? It makes me think of a way-overgrown mullet. But, sometimes you see a man with long hair and think "hubba hubba"!
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Christy - you like them in skirts, but not with long hair?????

Well, I don't know if there are any "rules" here or not, but too bad. Here's my "eye-candy." I haven't scanned before, so I have no idea what's going to happen here. I also don't think the scanner's too good.

(And I often LOVE long hair on a guy (I guess it's because I grew up in the 70s), just so long as it isn't ratty, scraggly, or thin & wispy)...
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Notice I said MOST men with long hair look silly. Here's an example of GOOD long man hair:

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More good long man hair

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Now, BAD long man hair:

I went to college in New Jersey (Rutgers U at New Brunswick) in the late 80's. I LIVED through mullets.
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So...hubby must have "bad" long hair? Don't worry - it's been short for several years now.

...and by the way, love your picks Christy!

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Laurie! That was your hubby???? I kept trying to figure out who the heck that was! :laughing: Hubba Hubba!!! Good looking, likes cats, AND an "All In The Family" fan.....what more could you ask for??

BTW..thanks for the gorgeous pic of Heath, Rhea!!!
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need i say more?! mmmmmmmmm yummy!
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Oh yeah, the Rock. Not only is he good looking, but he seems to be extremely smart and funny. I think I'd have a fun time just hanging out with him.
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Hmmm I'm noticing that Geocities is apparently not allowing remote linking anymore. All the pics from Geocities websites are coming up as the dreaded red-x box.

7CC, I did find a pretty good pic of The Rock, though for you.

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Gosh I hope this works....here's Nicolas Cage....I think he's hot!

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i can't help myself!!! drool ladies, drool!
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