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Kallie and Murphy are free fed dry food and will let me know when thier bowl is empty...and get a half can of wet foor at night.....they always try to get it early, my fiance always gives in when he is home and I hardly ever give in.
Sometimes they will try and trick us and have done it a couple of times. When I feed them when my fiance is not around they start to bother him as soon as he gets home and if I am not around to tell them I already fed them they get a second helping.
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I dont give in. If I fed Jaffa every time he asked he'd burst. They have their breakfast at pretty much the same time every day (about 6.45am) but tea time varies depending on what time I get home from work and can be anytime from 4.30pm to 6pm, although if I know in advance I'm not going to be home til 6 I tend to leave it in auto feeders. If it's a weekend and I'm home Jaffa will start asking for it from about 3.30pm but I insist on waiting til at least 4pm but sometimes give in then. I've recently put supper back til bedtime and Jaffa will ask for it sooner but if he has it too soon he won't last until breakfast (Jaffa sometimes vomits on an empty stomach) so I don't give in then.
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I ALWAYS end up giving it. I'll try to ignore him as long as I can, but he's a persistant fella. He always wins out in the end.
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I could never win the "get up and feed me" battle with Fred, he was just too persistent. I just gave in and fed them at the time he thought he should be fed between 7 and 7:30. Scooter and Pepper will try, but I'll just grab one of them and cuddle down and they will leave me alone for awhile. I feed them when I get up. Scooter is honing in on the bladder, though, so it may not be long before thery figure out how to get me on my feet, then I will feed them and go back to bed.
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